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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Corner Bakery Review ~ Denver, CO

Gabrian and I have recently returned home from a trip to Colorado to see my niece Chelsea get married. We flew in a few days early and spent some time exploring Denver. Our first afternoon there, we were starving and desperate to find something for lunch. After checking in we hit up the 16th Street Mall where we found our spot, the Corner Bakery.
It reminded me of a Panera Bread. They had soup, sandwiches, and salads available. Along with expensive pastries in a case right next to the register. The Corner Bakery also offered some macaroni and cheese options which made it a little more exciting.
Once you place your order at the register, they give you a card with a number. You find the table you want to sit at and put the number in the stand. Once your order was ready, they brought it to the table for you. They also cleaned up after you, so we didn't have to bring our mess to the garbage when we were done. This definitely elevated it in my mind from Panera.
They wouldn't let Gabrian get tuna in one of the kids meals which was a real bummer (seriously, how big of a deal would it have been to let him have tuna instead of ham). So instead, we both ended up ordering the same meal. We got the half of tuna sandwich and a bowl of their macaroni and cheese. We loved this meal. The pasta was so full of creamy cheese goodness (I was disappointed that Gabrian finished his off because I was hoping to scoop up his leftovers). The tuna was another winner. The tuna had the right amount of mayo and the bread was amazing.

Overall, the Corner Bakery was a perfect first lunch for us. It was fast, delicious, and we were able to stay my budget for this meal. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 500 16th Street, Denver, Colorado