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Monday, May 22, 2017

Restaurante Zazá Review - Mexico City, Mexico

Our family has a strong connection to Chile (obviously since Gabrian is half Chilean!). We were so excited to stumble upon Restaurante Zazá in Condesa, Mexico City. We didn't realize the Chilean connection until we had a chance to study the menu. Even then we had to ask the waitress, if the food was Chilean and she let us know the owner was from Chile. So if you love Chile as much as we do, you will want to check out this restaurant.
It was a gorgeous Tuesday afternoon and we had just finished shopping at the Condesa Tianguis (local farmers market) and we were ready for lunch. We decided to sit on the outside to enjoy the sunshine. Watching the shoppers walk by with their produce for the week and the food vendors working a bustling crowd, gave us endless entertainment while we waited for the food.
The restaurant offered wide open window, that gave us a view of the inside of the dining room. The room was airy and bright and would have been another great option to enjoy our meal.
The boys started with soda and my Mom and I enjoyed some cerveza. So delicious on a warm day of walking around the city.
I started off my meal with an Empanada with shrimp and cheese. It has been forever since I had a shrimp and cheese empanada and this one did not disappoint. It was filled with cheesy goodness and plump shrimp.
Riley also decided to try an empanada. He went with the ham and cheese option. He was just as pleased as I was. When I did my study abroad during college, I went to Chile and Riley came with me (he was about 7 at the time). We had our fair share of empanadas and miss them in our life!
My mom went with the Choripan (a spicy sausage) plate. It had a salad of tomatoes and lettuce. She enjoyed the sausage but probably could have used some French Fries.
Gabrian chose the hotdog. He was very impressed the hotdog stand.
Riley and I each picked the bacon cheeseburger. We were stuffed after this meal. After the empanadas, we easily could have shared one of these burgers. I apparently was very impressed with the bowl of mayo but I am not sure why. It appears I thought it was picture worthy.

Overall, we loved our meal at Restaurante Zazá and if I could transport myself back to Mexico City right now, I would so do it right now to have some beer and cervezas at one of their outside tables. If you would like to try them for yourselves, they are located at Pachuca 1, Mexico City 06700, Mexico.