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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Restaurante Hotel Escandón Review ~ Mexico City, Mexico

On our first morning in Mexico City, we kept it easy and had breakfast at our hotel. We went to the Restaurante Hotel Escandón. While it was the easy choice, it was a delicious choice!
They are open on Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am - 11:00 pm and on Sunday they close at 5:00 pm (Riley learned that the hard way when he tried to eat there the night before and found them closed). We were the first ones through the door at 7:00 am because we were starving after our flight.

Tons of great choices on the breakfast menu. We were getting our first taste of the awesome prices in Mexico. At the time of our trip the exchange rate was $20 Mexican pesos for $1 US. We placed our order with our super patient waiter that didn't make me feel like an idiot when I stumbled though with my Spanish. He talked us into upgrading our breakfast to paquetes for an additional $45 Mexican pesos. This included a fresh juice and our coffee.

The dining room was beautiful. It was light and airy with the big windows around the room. While we were the first ones in the room, it wasn't long before other diners joined us.
Hot Chocolate


Carrot Juice

Verde (Green) Juice

Apple Juice
We had fun sampling the juices. It was our first time drinking carrot juice and green juice. The carrot juice had mixed reviews at the table. I wasn't a huge fan of drinking the juice to a carrot. Other people were ok with it. The green juice was a bigger success. It mostly tasted like banana. I am not sure what greens they used in the juice.

Riley and I ordered the same breakfast. We both order the Chilaquiles with eggs. The only difference is I had fried eggs and Riley went with scrambled. Chilaquiles are tortilla chips that have been soaked in salsa. You can order verde (which tends to be milder) or roja.  It was delicious but boy was it spicy! I think I made it half way through my chilaquiles before having to give up. I wanted to keep going because it tasted so good but I couldn't handle the spiciness anymore.
My mom picked the Omellette de Claras. She picked flor de Calabaza (squash flowers) and Chorizo. She also paid a little extra and added cheese to the omellette. She really enjoyed her dish. She was especially excited to try the flor de Calabaza. She said she would definitely try this again.

Last up was Gabrian's breakfast. He ordered the French Toast with bananas. In addition to the French Toast, I thought I was ordering him a side of eggs but apparently ordered him an additional breakfast. It came with beans and potatoes. He was pleased with his selection.
Overall, we were very pleased with our first breakfast at the Restaurante Hotel Escandón. If we had additional nights at the Hotel, we would have definitely had a second visit to the restaurant. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at Av. Jose Marti 178, Escandón, Escandón II Secc, 11800 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico.