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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Our Horrible Experience & Review with AeroMexico

Riley had Spring break a couple of weeks ago. We decided to take a family vacation and meet him in Mexico City. My Mom, Gabrian, and I left from Boston on a direct flight to Mexico on AeroMexico. We had the most unbelievably horrible experience.

We have tried calling customer service twice, we have emailed their customer service email and emailed their AM Escucha email (AeroMexico Listens), and I posted on their Facebook page. Nobody would even acknowledge that we had an issue. The Facebook team requested that I email AM Escucha and other than an automated response we haven't heard from anyone.

I am pasting what I put on Facebook so I can share my experience with you.

I am writing about my experience on my family's flight on Sunday March 12th at 11:30 pm from Boston to Mexico City (Flight 699). Our entire flight was affected by a drunk passenger that the flight attendants allowed to be unruly and abusive towards the other passengers. My family has tried to call customer service twice the first person (Angel) advised us that the other passenger had the right to drink and the second customer service rep (Jesus) said that AeroMexico had no customer service department that answered phones and we would have to send an email. How a large business could have no customer service department we can call is beyond me.

On Sunday, my family was seated in aisle 18. There were 3 of us and we took up the row. On the left side of our row was a couple that had the window and middle of their row and the drunk passenger (going forward will be known as DP) on their aisle.

DP started off the flight by bringing on a bottle of liquor (I am assuming he bought it in the duty free shop) and yelling out to the plane if anyone wanted shots and continuously taking large swigs from his open bottle of liquor. He did this the entire night and at times also offered Xanax to the other passengers.

After our meal had been served (and DP was served at least 3 drinks from the flight attendants) and the lights had been dimmed so we could sleep for our overnight flight, DP took out his phone (that had dressing room lights going around the entire case), makeup bag, and a spotlight that he asked the female passenger sitting next to him to shine on him. This spotlight was going all over the cabin and making it difficult for anyone to sleep. After several minutes, I asked him to please turn off the light because my seven-year old was trying to sleep. He told me "I got you girl" but apparently he didn't because he went back to the spotlight and his makeup (why he needed to put makeup before going to sleep, I have no idea). The person behind me also spoke up about the light but was told to basically shut up and he would do his makeup if he wanted.

At this point, I got up to use the bathroom, and spoke to the flight attendant about the situation and the open bottle of liquor. I believe DP was spoken because the makeup and spotlight were put away by the time I returned to my seat but the bottle was never removed because I continued to see him take swigs from the bottle.

At this time, the old woman (approximately 80-years old) in the seat in front of him reclined her seat to go to sleep. DP went ballistic and started screaming at her calling her a bitch and other words I would prefer not type out. He started beating and pushing on her seat. He kept screaming that he was tall and she had no right to put her seat back. Several people tried to speak to him but he was out of control and we were afraid of him. I kept thinking that the flight attendants would show up and take him away but they never did. The entire cabin could hear him screaming so I don't know where they were.

At some point DP gave up on the beating on the seat and decided to go to sleep. He did this by turning his body and putting his feet into the aisle and laying all over the young girl in the middle seat. I know he was lying all over the girl because her boyfriend kept yelling at DP to get off of her. Eventually the boyfriend switched places with his girlfriend and I got to hear him yell at DP to get off of him (I don't blame the guy but it made it impossible to get any sleep).

I watched people have to climb over this guys legs in the dark to get to the bathroom for quite awhile. Thank goodness my 70-year old mother didn't need to use the bathroom because there is no way she could have stepped over his legs. The final insult came when DP stretched his legs out to get more comfortable and placed his feet on my legs. I asked him to move his feet off my legs and he told me no.

I then hit the flight attendant light and someone showed up. I asked them to get his feet off of my leg. They did help me out but it was no easy task to get DP to move his legs back into his space. They had to move his arm rest and wrestle him back in. DP physically attacked the flight attendant during this time which I thought for sure would get him moved and possible arrested but the flight attendant let it go.
Shortly afterwards, for no apparent reason, DP started to rock in his seat and bang his head into the older woman's seat in front of him. This went on for awhile. When the older woman tried to complain, the flight attendant told her quite down because people were sleeping and as far as I could tell they said nothing to DP.

As we got closer to our destination, they handed out the customs forms. DP started to scream that he needed a pen. This went on for about 10 minutes until a flight attendant finally produced one for him.

Just before we landed, DP gave one more offer to everyone around him for a shot from his opened bottle of liquor and some more Xanax (this was fantastic for my 7-year old to be hearing). DP was advised to put his bag under his seat just before we were about to land but he never did it (I realize this didn't affect me but wanted to point out the open defiance that the flight attendants allowed to happen). Once landed and phones could be turned on we were treated to a conversation DP had with someone about all the blunts he was going to be smoking in Mexico.

I have never been on a worse flight in my entire life. I am just astounded that the flight attendants would allow this passenger to be so abusive to the other passengers without any consequences. DP should have been removed from the other passengers and placed somewhere where he couldn't have abused us.

I am sorry to have had to post this on Facebook but we couldn't get anyone in customer service to help us. We feel we should be compensated from AeroMexico for this horrible experience.
I am so disappointed that AeroMexico won't even respond to our issues. I hate to post negative reviews but I want everyone to be aware of how AeroMexico handles any issues you may have (which is to ignore you).