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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Travel Plans for 2017

Wow, it is almost March. This year is just flying by. Sorry that I just dropped out of sight for awhile. I have been working and surviving the winter. I have been doing a lot of Uber driving in addition to my day job so there never felt like there was any time in the day to do blogging. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel with lots of fun events and travel coming in the near future. I have lots of great ideas for this blog!

Here are some of the exciting things in our future:

1. March: A Trip to Mexico City

Riley has his Spring Break this March and had to leave his dorm. We had decided that we would do a family vacation during that week. We also had a lot of stress of my Mom selling her house along with moving her out of her 6 bedroom house and moving her into my 3 bedroom condo.

We had tossed around many ideas for this week. We were looking for something that would be easy on the budget and warmer than Maine. We had looked at places that would be reasonable to drive to, cruises, flying to Chicago for the week, and a whole host of other ideas. I am still not sure what made me think of looking into Mexico but we checked out flights to Mexico City and were pleased with how affordable they were.

We have been doing lots of planning for this trip and I will have a post up soon about our travel plans. I am really looking forwarding to posting about our adventures in Mexico City!

2. April: Overnight at the Boston Science Museum

Gabrian and I will be doing an overnight at the Boston Science Museum with his Cub Scouts group. We will be taking the train to and from the museum and it sounds like a really fun event.

3. April: A Birthday Trip To Red Jacket Inn with our Good Friends Emmett & Tenney

Tenney planned a weekend getaway for Emmett's birthday in April. Gabrian and I our very honored that we were invited to share this experience with them. I have just started researching this resort and the inside water park. It is in North Conway so I will research the area just in case we want to leave the resort (although based on the reading I have done, we probably won't want to leave).

4. May: A Wedding in Denver, Colorado

My niece Chelsea is getting married this May! Gabrian and I will be heading out to Colorado for a week to celebrate. We will spend the first half of the trip in Denver and the second half will be in Boulder with my sister. I have been researching the trip but will really get into it when we get back to Mexico.

5. June/July: A Birthday trip TBD

Gabrian would like to go away for a weekend for his birthday. We haven't decided where we are going or when yet. We do know it will either be in June or July. So far a weekend in NYC is winning but have also considered Montreal or camping somewhere in New England. I will research a few options for Gabrian and let him pick his favorite.

6. August: An Overnight in Boston

Gabrian is going to an overnight camp in Colorado (Geneva Glen). He will be flying to Colorado and spending some time with my sister and then will spend 2 weeks at camp. When he flies back he will arrive at midnight. We will get a hotel room and spend a little time in Boston the next morning.

7. Fall: TBD

My friend Margo and I are hoping to get together this Fall. We worked together in Boston and she is such a wonderful person. We both left Boston around the same time. I left for Maine and she moved to Phoenix. We are not quite sure when or where we are going but we will get something planned. I am just so excited to see her.


I have some other things planned for the blog. Here is what you have to look forward to:

1. I am bringing back "Dining Around the World". Gabrian picked a country out of the box on Friday and tonight we are going to experience the cuisine of that area. I am going to have this be a weekly post on Mondays (except for times we are away for travel). The post will be slightly different for the past because I would like to spend part of the post researching travel plans for the area. Stay tuned for tomorrow where you can see were "traveled" to today.

2. Plans have really firmed up for a big move for us at either the end of this year or the very beginning of 2018. I am pretty sure by this summer I can finally reveal where we are going. I will be posting all the details of how we will make this move happen.

3. Because I believe this will be the last year in Maine, I want to try and experience as much of Maine as possible. So expect lots of reviews of my local area. This will include restaurants, festivals, events, attractions, and much more!

I look forward to regularly posting again. I really missed writing here and reviewing!