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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Manny's Deli & Cafeteria Review ~ Midway Airport (Chicago) Terminals A & B

Last week we brought Riley to College. We flew into Chicago using the Midway Airport. We arrived at about 7 am and after a long night at the Boston Airport, we were more than ready for our breakfast. The smells coming from Manny's enticed us into the restaurant.
You went through the line cafeteria style. You placed your order at the grill and moved on down to the cashier. I wish they gave you a number because once you paid you just kind of hovered around hoping you didn't take someone else's order accidentally. Calling out numbers would have helped with that confusion.
After collecting your food, they had tables in a dining area that shared space with a bar (which was open early morning just in case you need it!). We were able to snag a couple of the tables.
I regret buying this coffee. There was nothing wrong with it but they only had sweet-n-low and I hate that stuff. I was a big baby about it and only took a sip of this coffee and it was a waste of money.
Gabrian went with an order of pancakes. It was $5.99 and just alright. They make them up ahead of time and put them on a heater. The other disappointment is that they don't offer any kid's options (at least on the breakfast side). I was hoping they would sell me one pancake but that was a no go. So for an airport breakfast it was alright.
I picked the Eggs & Hash. The eggs were made to order (I had over easy, I think the scrambled may have been made ahead). It was tasty but the hash was different. The meat had more of a ground meat texture to it. 

Side note, my Mom and Riley did eat at this breakfast. However, after being up most of the night while waiting for a flight they were not in the mood for me taking pictures of their food. For the record, Riley had an omelette and my Mom had grits. They both felt that the food was acceptable.
Overall, this was an acceptable meal at an airport. Next time we are at Midway Airport (Chicago) we potentially would go again if we had to (how is that for a ringing endorsement!).