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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Heidi's Brooklyn Deli Review ~ South Portland, Maine

"Born in Brooklyn, Raised in Maine" is the perfect way to describe Heidi's Brooklyn Deli. It was the perfect combination of Brooklyn deliciousness with Maine friendliness. 
I have been eyeing Heidi's for awhile now. They are located in a small strip mall near a market and a TJ Maxx which means I am there all the time. I was finally passing by them at the perfect time this past week and decided to try them out for lunch.

I wasn't sure what to expect but it was much more than I anticipated. I was thinking it was just going to be a regular sandwich shop but it was so much more!

They have a super huge menu board along the counter. As you line up to order they also have menus to peruse until it is your turn. The board was fun to look at but I ended up grabbing a menu so I could focus on a decision.

It was a pretty quick process once you placed your order. By the time you made it to the cash register, your food was just about meeting you at the end. After paying and receiving your food, there are plenty of seat options to enjoy your meal. Unfortunately, I had to head back to work so I brown bagged that deliciousness.
I am sure my co-workers think I am a total freak since I am constantly taking pictures of food I am about to eat (I post a lot of those pictures on my other blog, Megan Runs a Marathon) but this one took the cake since I photographed the entire meal.

For my sandwich, I picked the BLT with Avocado (minus the T because I hate tomatoes and I added an O because I love onions). I went with the italian hoagie (they toasted the bread and the toasted sesame seeds on top were to die for). One thing I should mention is that they make all their bread from scratch! A freshly made hoagie now has me dreaming about this sandwich. They put a butt load of bacon on this thing and a little dab of mayo. I don't know how else to say this but this thing was amazingly awesome.
For my side I went with the coleslaw. It was creamy and tangy which is exactly what I look for in a coleslaw. It was the perfect size portion for me and went fantastic with the sandwich.

I decided to end the meal with one of the their cannoli's. I absolutely love a cannoli with chocolate chips on the end of it (I am also partial to chocolate sprinkles). I was so full from the sandwich I didn't eat this until a couple of hours later. It was great for the mid-afternoon slump. The shell was crispy and the cannoli filling was creamy and decadent.

Overall, I loved this place (was I not obvious enough?). I think they are a great lunch place or perfect when you want dinner on the go. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 415 Philbrook Ave., South Portland, Maine.