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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Somethings Different with my Name & Saturday Rambling

Did you notice anything different with my name??? I finally decided to get all grown-up like and coughed up the $12 to buy my domain name. That means I no longer have to put blogspot in my website and I am a straight up .com. I am still staying with the blogger platform (why change something when it is working...and free!). This feels like such a big step for me. 

Anyway...back to the regularly scheduled Saturday Ramblings.
We started off earlier than normal this Saturday because it was picture day at dance class. Gabrian was sleepy but he was a real trooper.
I got him dressed in the bathroom. He was excited because we put hair gel in his hair for the pictures. He decided to go with a side part. After pictures we were able to see them practice the routine and then he got hustled back into his street clothes.
I decided to head to Freeport, Maine and the outlets to use some coupons I had burning a hole in my pocket. You can't really tell in this picture but there was a huge traffic jam which is pretty unusual in this neck of the woods (especially on a Saturday). It turns out there was some type of traffic incident that involved an eighteen wheeler that had the front cab completely burned to the bones. If I was a better blogger and a little more coordinated, I would have totally snapped a picture of that.

Once we cleared the traffic, we had to fuel up at Dunkin Donuts for some major shopping. Gabrian and I split my favorite type of bagel. A garlic bagel with cream cheese. I was bummed that they had run out of reduced-fat cream cheese because it totally cost me an extra 2 points with weight watchers. Gabrian was pleased with his watermelon coolata (it looked gross to me but to each their own).
We were finally ready to hit the streets. I was able to get some good deals.
At Carter's I had a voucher for $10. After the coupon I was able to get these two tops for $2.11.

Gymboree's Outlet had everything in their store for $9.99 and under. I had a 20% coupon and a $5 rewards coupon. The two bathing suits and two sets of socks only cost me $31. Gabrian goes through a lot of bathing suits each week during the summer because of camp. I think he rolls around in the mud every day so I need enough in rotation to make sure we don't run up (I think I am up to 4 this year).

Nike had an extra 30% of their lowest price on shoes. I was able to get these sneakers for Gabrian for $27. He is pretty much in love with them (I kept catching him admiring them throughout the day). 

I ended up with these pretties. I am starting to train for a 5k. My goal is that in just over a year's time I will be running a marathon (you can follow my training progress and weight loss journey at I don't quite remember what these cost but I know it was less than $40. The only thing that was a bummer is that I couldn't find anything for Riley. He has such a wide foot and it is really difficult to find shoes for him.
At this point, it was way warmer than I had realized it was going to be and I was dying in my outfit. I purchased these flip flops at Old Navy for only $2.49 and that helped me not completely overheat and have a melt down.
We passed this craft cocktail tasting room and I was wishing I was sans kid at the time. I will have to drag Tenney here in the near future to try it out!

We ended up doing something I haven't done in about 2 years. We went to the movie theater to see Zootopia! We had the theater to ourselves which was pretty cool...we could really stretch out. The movie was ok but Gabrian thought it was awesome which is all that mattered to me.
It was scout weekend and I tried to sneakily take this photo of the large group of them. I think they had activities going on but sadly we never made it there.
We hit up Petrillo's for a delicious lunch. It was my first time there and won't be the last (review will be coming shortly!).
Afterwards, we stopped at Lindt's for our mandatory free chocolate sample. I usually let Gabrian have mine too because it makes him so happy.
We stopped in here at LL Bean to use the bathroom but they sucked us in with all their funness (spell check says that this isn't a word but I am going to go with my belief that funness is a take that spell check!) going on!

The kid section was pretty amazing at the store. Gabrian could have spent way more than the 30 minutes I let him run around. The best part was that they had plenty of benches for the parents to sit in.
We ended up running to the mall to finish our day off and Gabrian couldn't let us pass up an opportunity to play in the play area. It was a pretty nice way to end our Saturday.

How was your Saturday? Anything special happen?