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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Scarborough Marsh ~ Scarborough, Maine

Gabrian requested to do something special tonight and after putting some thought into it, I came up with the perfect thing. I have been eyeing the Scarborough Marsh for awhile and today seemed like the perfect day to check it out. 

There is parking available on Pine Point Road in Scarborough. It was fairly hopping tonight but I was able to make something a parking spot.

It is part of the Eastern Trail which is a 65-mile section of the East Coast Greenway. The part of the trail where we entered was approximately at mile 12 and the numbers went down along the direction we were headed.

The trail was amazing and fantastic all wrapped up together. It was interesting and had breathtaking views. Gabrian was fascinated with the bridge and probably could have happily hung out there for a couple of hours.

We were excited to find this display with facts about the wildlife. Gabrian decided he was the teacher and was going to give me some facts. He finally had to break down and admit he couldn't read it and had to ask me to read it for him. We liked having a list of birds to look for. His favorite part of the display was the Otters. We were not lucky enough to see any on our walk but it is reason to go back!

The temperature was perfect tonight. It wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cold. Many people had the same idea as we did and everything seemed to be in a pleasant mood. There were all types of fitness levels on the trail. There were the hardcore runners, easy joggers, power walkers, fairly slow walkers (that would be us), families with strollers, people with dogs, and bike riders. It was such a community friendly place.

My one regret for tonight was that I wore sandals. I really wish I had put on some sneakers. I was afraid I would get too warm with the sneakers. However, with the sandals I was having a difficult time walking on the gravel and kept getting rocks. Next time the sneakers will be worn.

I can't recommend trying out this trail enough. Weather you live nearby or you are visiting us this summer. This should be on your list of activities to try in Maine. If you are looking for the parking, it was approximately at 136 Pine Point Road, Scarborough, Maine.

Do you have any favorite local trails? What kind of fun things do you see on your hikes?