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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Rio Trancura Termas Review ~ Pucón, Chile

When we were planning our trip to Chile, there was one thing on my list that I really wanted to do. I was dying to take Gabrian to one of the termaas (hot springs) while we were in Pucón. I let our family know of my desire and Gabrian's Abuelo knew the perfect place to take us.
After a beautiful drive, we arrived at Rio Trancura Termas. The building was absolutely gorgous. I could have easily spent the day here with a book and a comfortable seat in their lobby. Leo (Abuelo) decided to sit out the hot springs but Reiniria (Abuela), Gabrian, and I headed to the locker rooms (they may have been the prettiest and best smelling I have ever seen).

We arrived fairly early in the day and we we lucky enough to have the place pretty much to ourselves. It was probably the most relaxing day I had while we were in Chile. Reiniria is beyond awesome and took over Gabrian duty so I could read a book and just relax (I may not be overly fond of my ex-husband but I am completely and totally in love with his family and I am so grateful that I am still included and feel like I am a part of their family).

There were multiple pools to choose from. They have diiferent water levels and temperatures. It was fun trying out all the different options. They had natural stones on the bottom of the pools and I would highly recommend wearing water shoes (especially for the kids). 

We started with the outside pools. Each one is better than the next. It was fun to pool hop and try out the different temperature variations. I was in love with the landscaping and felt like the entire experience was surreal. I just couldn't believe I was so lucky to be there in the moment. I am sure it was obvious but I couldn't take enough pictures. I was just trying to catch some of the beauty.

Once we got tired of the sun, we headed inside to try out some of those pools. Those were equally awesome and again we got lucky to have the place to ourselves. I peeked into the mud bath but decided against taking one of those. I am not sure I am brave enough for those. Once we got our fill of swimming we headed back to the lobby to meet back with Leo and check out the lobby.

The complex is just wonderful. It really has something to offer for everyone. They had massages available and I believe there was a restaurant on site. 

Overall, we had an amazing experience at Rio Trancura Termas. I cannot recommend enough making a trip here when you are in town. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at Av. O Higgins 211 "C" Pucón, IX región, Araucania, Chile.