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Monday, May 16, 2016

Petrillo's Review ~ Freeport, Maine

Gabrian and I were in Freeport this past Saturday. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we were reveling in the sun. We were ready for lunch and I knew we wanted some place where we could enjoy the outdoors. We came across Petrillo's and it seemed like the perfect fit for us.

One of my favorite thing about a restaurant is when they do the majority of their items in house. Petrillo's really hit that mark and they made just about everything themselves. Everything from the tartar sauce to the limoncello I enjoyed.

It was difficult to make a decision because it all sounded good and I was past just the hungry stage. Gabrian on the other hand was super decisive and declared that he wanted a hot dog on a bun (he was very specific about that bun part) before I think we even sat down.

The limoncello was fantastic. It was strong without being overpowering so. Great flavor and I really enjoyed it on the rocks. If I ever get back for happy hour, I will definitely take advantage of the $4 special  they have.

Gabrian went with the hot dog. It lived up to his expectations (I base that statement on the fact that he ate it all). He really enjoyed the chips (I think these were just out of a bag) which is funny to me because he is not a big fan of french fries.

I picked the Haddock Sandwich. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived that it was not fried. It was buttery and like velvet with each bite I took. I loved this and had to fight the urge to stop at the market on the way home to stock up on haddock to try and recreate this at home (I knew it would fail dismally and would have been a waste of money).

After a really enjoyable lunch we decided to share a dessert. I confirmed with the waitress that all desserts were made in house. They are, which made my decision difficult to make.

We picked the brown sugar pineapple bread pudding. I liked the flavor combination of the pudding but I thought the ice cream tasted off. I am sure if I had mentioned it to the waitress she would have taken care of it but at that point I was full and it didn't seem to bother Gabrian considering he polished the thing off.
Overall this was a great lunch and I would definitely recommend Petrillo's if you are in Freeport. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 15 Depot St., Freeport, Maine.