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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Elevation Burger Review ~ Portland, ME

A couple of Friday's ago, Gabrian had a friend over visiting for the night. I was in need of two things, more steps on my fitbit and a meal that wouldn't break the bank. I decided to take the boys to the Old Port to take care of the walking I needed to get in. Elevation Burger solved the dinner dilemma. 

Old Port has a great collection of restaurants and some can be on the fancy and pricey side of things. Elevation Burger gave the casual ambiance I was in the need of with the kids. The menu lines the wall as you walk in on your way to the front counter.

The staff is friendly (do you expect anything less from an organic restaurant?) and seem eager to help. They were super patient while the two boys argued about what flavor shake they were going to share (at least until I caved and let the boys each get their own flavor). Once your order is placed, you find a table and they bring the food out to you.

We ordered an assortment of fries and burgers. They had specialty burgers along with a build your own section. We went with the BYO and stuck with the free toppings (they had lots of delicious of toppings that cost a little extra as well). 

 The fries were fantastic. They were the kind that I couldn't stop eating. Thank goodness I decided to share with the boys. The burgers were tasty and very filling. I wish I had gone with the single burger like the boys instead of the double I picked. The little bit of taste of shake that I could steal from the boys was amazing!
Overall, we had a great experience at Elevation Burger and I would definitely go back with the boys. I would insist on the boys sharing the shake and I would downgrade myself to a single burger. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 205 Commercial Street, Portland, Maine.