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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bayley's Ice Cream Review ~ Scarborough, Maine

After our wonderful walk last night at the Marsh (you can read all about that here), I wanted to finish off Gabrian's special night by having ice cream for dinner. Fortunately for us, Bayley's Ice Cream was pretty much right across the street.

There were so many flavors to chose from it was almost overwhelming. I am still thinking about the white chocolate lavender that I didn't pick. That will just have to be a reason to go back in the near future! As soon as Gabrian saw Kit Kat on the menu he was sold.
Gabrian picked this beauty (why yes, there are gummy bears on top of that sundae). He picked a hot fudge sundae with kit kat crunch ice cream, whip cream, nuts, cherry, and gummy bears. He loved getting a sundae and liked everything but the fudge sauce. He still ate about half of it, so I think he was just getting full when he made the statement.
I picked the vanilla with a peanut butter swirl. They were very generous with the peanut butter which is my favorite part. I was not a huge fan of the vanilla flavor and I can't figure out why. It just tasted a little off for me. Almost like it tasted old. They have so many flavors so I would definitely go back to try another one, but I just wouldn't pick this one again.
This picnic bench was set so low. It was very uncomfortable to sit at it. Maybe they do that on purpose so you don't linger to long (just kidding!). They also had plenty of benches to sit on while I eating your treats.

Overall, I think Bayley's Ice Cream is a good option this summer to get your ice cream fix. Lots of interesting flavors and the girls working there were fantastic (they seriously were the friendliest girls). If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 161  Pine Point Road, Scarborough, Maine.