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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Elevation Burger Review ~ Portland, ME

A couple of Friday's ago, Gabrian had a friend over visiting for the night. I was in need of two things, more steps on my fitbit and a meal that wouldn't break the bank. I decided to take the boys to the Old Port to take care of the walking I needed to get in. Elevation Burger solved the dinner dilemma. 

Old Port has a great collection of restaurants and some can be on the fancy and pricey side of things. Elevation Burger gave the casual ambiance I was in the need of with the kids. The menu lines the wall as you walk in on your way to the front counter.

The staff is friendly (do you expect anything less from an organic restaurant?) and seem eager to help. They were super patient while the two boys argued about what flavor shake they were going to share (at least until I caved and let the boys each get their own flavor). Once your order is placed, you find a table and they bring the food out to you.

We ordered an assortment of fries and burgers. They had specialty burgers along with a build your own section. We went with the BYO and stuck with the free toppings (they had lots of delicious of toppings that cost a little extra as well). 

 The fries were fantastic. They were the kind that I couldn't stop eating. Thank goodness I decided to share with the boys. The burgers were tasty and very filling. I wish I had gone with the single burger like the boys instead of the double I picked. The little bit of taste of shake that I could steal from the boys was amazing!
Overall, we had a great experience at Elevation Burger and I would definitely go back with the boys. I would insist on the boys sharing the shake and I would downgrade myself to a single burger. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 205 Commercial Street, Portland, Maine.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

An Afternoon Drive in Pucon, Chile

When we were in Pucon, one afternoon my Mom and I decided to go a no destination drive. We didn't make it far before the alluring smell of the Eucalyptus trees made us stop on the side of the road. 

The trees were so tall and beautiful. The smell was just incredible when we got out of the car. We were on the hunt for some leaves so we could sniff them to our hearts content.

We finally dragged ourselves from those wonderful trees and continued on. It was such a relaxing ride as we puttered around the farm country. We eventually came to an area to pull off near the river.
I was excited because we came across two beauties that instantly became my best friend (that probably had more to do with the fact that I like to keep dog cookies with me at all times while I am in Chile).

This would have been the perfect area for a picnic. We even found a snack while we were there.
We eventually had to tear ourselves away from the river to head back to our family.
It was an awesome way to spend an hour just exploring in Pucon. There is so much more to discover the next time we are there.

Do you like to take drives to no where? What have you discovered on your drive?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bayley's Ice Cream Review ~ Scarborough, Maine

After our wonderful walk last night at the Marsh (you can read all about that here), I wanted to finish off Gabrian's special night by having ice cream for dinner. Fortunately for us, Bayley's Ice Cream was pretty much right across the street.

There were so many flavors to chose from it was almost overwhelming. I am still thinking about the white chocolate lavender that I didn't pick. That will just have to be a reason to go back in the near future! As soon as Gabrian saw Kit Kat on the menu he was sold.
Gabrian picked this beauty (why yes, there are gummy bears on top of that sundae). He picked a hot fudge sundae with kit kat crunch ice cream, whip cream, nuts, cherry, and gummy bears. He loved getting a sundae and liked everything but the fudge sauce. He still ate about half of it, so I think he was just getting full when he made the statement.
I picked the vanilla with a peanut butter swirl. They were very generous with the peanut butter which is my favorite part. I was not a huge fan of the vanilla flavor and I can't figure out why. It just tasted a little off for me. Almost like it tasted old. They have so many flavors so I would definitely go back to try another one, but I just wouldn't pick this one again.
This picnic bench was set so low. It was very uncomfortable to sit at it. Maybe they do that on purpose so you don't linger to long (just kidding!). They also had plenty of benches to sit on while I eating your treats.

Overall, I think Bayley's Ice Cream is a good option this summer to get your ice cream fix. Lots of interesting flavors and the girls working there were fantastic (they seriously were the friendliest girls). If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 161  Pine Point Road, Scarborough, Maine.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Scarborough Marsh ~ Scarborough, Maine

Gabrian requested to do something special tonight and after putting some thought into it, I came up with the perfect thing. I have been eyeing the Scarborough Marsh for awhile and today seemed like the perfect day to check it out. 

There is parking available on Pine Point Road in Scarborough. It was fairly hopping tonight but I was able to make something a parking spot.

It is part of the Eastern Trail which is a 65-mile section of the East Coast Greenway. The part of the trail where we entered was approximately at mile 12 and the numbers went down along the direction we were headed.

The trail was amazing and fantastic all wrapped up together. It was interesting and had breathtaking views. Gabrian was fascinated with the bridge and probably could have happily hung out there for a couple of hours.

We were excited to find this display with facts about the wildlife. Gabrian decided he was the teacher and was going to give me some facts. He finally had to break down and admit he couldn't read it and had to ask me to read it for him. We liked having a list of birds to look for. His favorite part of the display was the Otters. We were not lucky enough to see any on our walk but it is reason to go back!

The temperature was perfect tonight. It wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cold. Many people had the same idea as we did and everything seemed to be in a pleasant mood. There were all types of fitness levels on the trail. There were the hardcore runners, easy joggers, power walkers, fairly slow walkers (that would be us), families with strollers, people with dogs, and bike riders. It was such a community friendly place.

My one regret for tonight was that I wore sandals. I really wish I had put on some sneakers. I was afraid I would get too warm with the sneakers. However, with the sandals I was having a difficult time walking on the gravel and kept getting rocks. Next time the sneakers will be worn.

I can't recommend trying out this trail enough. Weather you live nearby or you are visiting us this summer. This should be on your list of activities to try in Maine. If you are looking for the parking, it was approximately at 136 Pine Point Road, Scarborough, Maine.

Do you have any favorite local trails? What kind of fun things do you see on your hikes?