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Sunday, March 6, 2016

That Time Gabrian & Emmett Got To Be a Ninja For the Day ~ Maine Warrior Gym ~ Westbrook, Maine

Gabrian and Emmett were able to check an item off their bucket list a couple of Saturdays ago. They were able to take part of a competition and feel like they were Ninjas for the day. Maine Warrior Gym was holding the competition and for a small fee (of $30), we were able to sign the boys up.

The boys were pumped when we rolled in waiting for the gym to open. We chowed down on some Burger King as the minutes ticked by (I am pretty sure Burger King is what all the Ninja Champions of the world eat before the big event). We were allowed into the gym right at 9 am (I lied...I just looked at the picture of the clock and it was 8:57, so I am a big fat liar and we were allowed in earlier than 9).

As the gym filled up with the contenders and their families, we were able to scope out the gym. It was every little boy/girl/grown-up fantasy of a gym. There were things to climb, swing from, and jump from everywhere we looked. What a fun way to get in shape!

The boys were eager to get the show on road. Ok, Emmett was excited, Gabrian just looked a little dazed and confused (and sometimes a little grumpy). I think those were just his ninja nerves kicking in. Once everyone was checked in, the kids were allowed to do a walk-thru of the course.

My favorite part is the little girl just hanging there so effortlessly

I am not sure you can tell in the pictures but half way through them, you will notice Gabrian went from wearing just socks to wearing sneakers. Someone got it into their head that before coming here, this would be like a gymnastics gym and the kids would need to be in their socks. So the bright parent I was, had him wear rain boots to the competition. He only made it through the practice run to the half-way point until he came back complaining (the whiner) about his feet hurting. There was another mom at the competition (I like to refer to her as the Angel) who happened to have an extra pair of sneakers in her purse (what were the chances that she would be standing next to us?). They were a size too small but I was able to cram them on his feet!
After what seemed like forever (most likely 3 minutes), it was time for the competition to start. The crew that they had working (or was it the owners?) here were amazing! They made it an awesome experience for each kid on their turn. I don't know how the announcer was able to stay enthusiastic the entire time (and we were only the first group....he still had the entire weekend stretched out in front of him). The age group was 5-8 year old and they were great couching the kids as they went along making sure they remembered where they should go next. They had a camera guy going around with the group making the kids feel like rock stars. There was a third guy in the group that would step into to assist if the kids were having difficulty at any of the obstacles (I think they were supposed to add 30 seconds to the time if the kids had trouble completing a step, but for this age group they were very kind and looked the other way for the mistakes).

Emmett was up first!

He looks like a jumping running man

Look at his determination!

I couldn't have been more proud of him (though I am sure Tenney would disagree and as his mother say she was the proudest). I couldn't believe how much determination and confidence he had going through the course. He did amazing!

Gabrian was up next!

Love this jump

It looks like his ballet technique is starting to show (I am sure Miss Danielle & Miss Tiffany would be proud)

I like how I caught the lady mid yawn...I swear the competition was exciting!
I couldn't believe this was the same whiny and pouty kid earlier this morning. He ran through this thing like he knew what he was doing. One of my favorite things about this event was how supportive everyone was for the kids. Everyone cheered and clapped along each contestant that went through. Tenney recorded a video for me and my favorite part (beside seeing Gabrian), was hearing Emmett cheer him on as he went. 
Gabrian took a little break while waiting for the medals to be handed out.
The kids were lined up to receive their medal.

Emmett received his first.

Than Gabrian was up (we won't talk about the the semi-fit he had when he realized trophies were up for grabs and he wasn't getting one. We may have had to had a talk about good sportsmanship. Instead I will focus on these photos while he was still in a good mood).

Overall, this was an amazing experience (I had an absolute blast going through the boys pictures). They offer classes at the gym and I so wish I could afford to send Gabrian here regularly but $75/month is just way too far out of my budget at this time. If you would like to try out Maine Warrior Gym for yourself, they are located at 865 Spring St., Westbrook, Maine.