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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sushi Time Restaurant Review ~ 821 2nd Ave, New York, NY

When Gabrian, his Dad, and I were in NYC at the end of February we were looking forward to the dizzying array of restaurant options we would have. By the time we got out of our appointment we were hungry and it was pouring rain. We stopped caring about our choices, we just wanted to get into a restaurant that had seats available and was dry. To be honest, we went into the Chinese restaurant next door first but they had all of their table occupied. We ended up wandering into Sushi Time and boy were we happy that we ended up there!
We scored the last table available during their rush hour (we came towards the end so by the time we left  the dining room had opened up). I loved sitting near all the office workers and pretending I was there on my lunch hour too (I know, I am a pathetic tourist).

There we so many delicious options to choose from on the menu. Everything from Sushi (of course), Hibachi, Ramen Noodles, to Bento Boxes.
Gabrian and I both started with miso soup. Every time we get miso soup, I secretly hope he doesn't like it so I can eat his too. This secret plan never works out because unfortunately for me Gabrian loves that soup. This time was no exception and it was really good. It was salty and slightly briny with the tofu cut into the perfect bite size pieces.

Gabrian's Dad went with the Ramen Noodle Soup (and humored me with the multiple pictures I took of it). We are a family of instant Ramen Soup lovers (I am sure that is blasphemy to the real Ramen Noodle Soup) and this was like a super deluxe version of our favorite soup. It was full of all sorts of fun items in the soup.Tons of vegetables, meat, and an egg.

I went with the Bento Box with the shrimp teriyaki for my lunch. This was a fantastic option because it allowed me to try a little bit of everything. Along with the shrimp, I also had spring rolls, california roll, rice, and dumplings. I enjoyed everything in the box although I think the dumplings were my favorite.

Gabrian also went with a bento box but he picked the katsu chicken (the chicken is a favorite of his at a local restaurant to us). He did great with his box and polished off the california roll, dumplings, and the spring rolls. We were able to bring the leftovers home with us and make another meal out it for him.
Overall, we had a wonderful lunch at Sushi Time. The staff was kind, friendly, and patient with us. The food offered us many options and all of the ones we tried were delicious. If we find ourselves on 2nd Avenue at meal time again, we would definitely try them for another meal. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 821 2nd Ave, New York, NY.