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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Portland Pie Co. ~ Westbrook, Maine

Gabrian and I were out and about for our Saturday errands a couple of weeks ago when the hunger struck us. We were in Westbrook and we tossed a couple of ideas out but decided that Pizza was calling our names. Fortunately, Portland Pie Co., was nearby to us.
It was hopping when we first arrived but we lucked into a table by the window.

I originally came in for the pizza but they had a lot of temptations to pick  from.

Drinks arrived and we had a chance to admire the restaurant while waiting for our food (Gabrian may have also made friends with the table next to us).

The restaurant was a great mix of industrial, old, and comfortable. My favorite was the red tin ceiling. All in all it is a very comfortable place.

Gabrian picked the Kid's pizza. This was not your normal frozen cardboard pizza that you usually get at a restaurant. This was just  a smaller version of the delicious stuff the adults get. On top of that it is served with some of the best fruit salad I have had in awhile. Not only did it have blueberries and grapes in it (which are two of my favorite), it also had mint!

I went with the meatball sandwich (I know...I went to a pizza place and went with a sandwich, it was just calling my name from the menu). It was served on a focaccia like bread that had some wonderful herbs in it (actually now that I put on the bill, I realize that it was focaccia like, but actual focaccia). It really hit the meatball sandwich spot I was looking to fill.
Overall, this was a great pizza place and will definitely be in our rotation. If you would like to try Portland Pie Co. out for yourself, they are located at 869 Main St., Westbrook, ME.