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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Be Back Soon - Happy Easter 2016

Happy Easter Everyone! Hope you had a wonderful day and the Easter Bunny treated you well.

The boys and I have been battling an annoying cold for the last couple of weeks. It started with Gabrian where he ended up missing over a week of school. It never became super bad but he couldn't shake his fever and even developed a viral form of pink eye.

It has now been passed onto Riley and myself and we have just been generally miserable for two weeks now (I am sitting here with pink eye myself). We are slowly getting better and hope to be back to our normal selves soon.

I have several reviews to post along with trying to finally finish our trip to Chile (over a year ago). I also need to finish recapping our trip to NYC and letting you in to why we were in there in the first place.

Here is to a healthy start of April and hopefully some posts in my near future!