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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hershey's Chocolate World Review ~ Hershey, Pennsylvania

When the boys and I were headed to Virginia, I knew it was going to be an unbelievably fast trip. However, I still wanted to squeeze something fun in on the way home to break up the long car ride. I decided that Hershey's Chocolate World was the perfect place to go.

It was really exciting following the signs to get there and I am not going to lie. I was pretty excited once we reached the parking lot (apparently I had been cooped up in the car for too long and thought I was going to Disney).

I was like a giddy little girl when we saw the entrance to the Chocolate World. I wish all buildings had characters of chocolate bars on them (wouldn't that make the world a happier place). Once inside, we contemplated some of the tours they offer with a fee but we were short on time so we decided to do just go with the free tour.

We waited in a fast moving line for the ride. We were easily entertained by the fun facts up on the wall and the people watching we were able to do from the large windows overlooking the store.

We were able to board a moving tram and watch how chocolate is made. I thought it was adorable and for a brief moment I could pretend I was in Disney.
We got dumped back into the shop were I briefly considered buying one of these Tervis mugs with a giant hershey kiss on them (if anyone is looking for a present idea for me, I would not turn down one of these).
We checked out the food court and considered eating our lunch here. We decided to drive a little further before eating but I think this would have been an acceptable choice if we had decided to stay.

Gabrian got to pose with a giant bar of chocolate (they tried to get you to buy their photos of the chocolate bar but I'm no sucker, I had my camera ready). I tried to entice Riley into posing too but I got turned down.

We enjoyed checking out the store before we had to leave. It was an absolutely beautiful place and I hope to go back soon to really spend some time there (I hope to go to the amusement park next time). If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 251 Park Blvd., Hershey, PA.