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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Funck's Restaurant Review ~ Palmyra, PA

When you are on a road trip, there is nothing better than a local family restaurant. We prefer this over stopping at fast food (unless of course we are talking about eating at a gas station). On our way home from Virginia, Funck's Restaurant was right up our alley for a delicious lunch.

There full parking lot was a great indication that we were about to eat some yummy food. We were sat right away and started to pore over the menu.

Lots of great choices on the menu. It was hard to make a final decision.

This restaurant seemed to be a local favorite and it seemed like they all knew each other. 
Gabrian went with the Kid's Pizza and we totally lucked out because all kid's meals were only $2 that day! While it wouldn't have been my favorite meal, the six-year old thought it was awesome. I liked that he was able to get broccoli as his side. This was a steal for $2.

Riley went with the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich ($8.99) which was served with chips. He found the BBQ to be flavorful and he pork was moist and tender. He really enjoyed this.

I picked the Funck's 1/4 lb Cheeseburger Deluxe ($7.99) which is served with french fries and cole slaw. I was really craving a cheeseburger at the time (actually when am I not craving a cheeseburger?) and this really hit the spot. It was cooked just how I like it (medium-well in case you were wondering). The only thing I would do different next time is get bacon on it!

The boys picked some ice cream to round out their meal. Strawberry for Gabrian and Mint Chocolate Chip for Riley. Just a little side note but I just responded to a blog recently (Shiraz in my Sippy Cup) and she was asking about pregnancy cravings. When I was pregnant with Riley I wanted to eat mint chocolate chip ice cream with peanut butter sauce all the time (I also strangely wanted peach ice cream but was very specific about will have to ask my best friend Jen about that one, it was not one of my finest moments). Anyways, mint chocolate chip ice cream is one of Riley's favorites, coincidence?

I went with this little slice of heaven also known as Shoo-Fly Pie. I have heard about this pie but this was my first time getting to try it. It is similar to pecan pie without the pecans. They actually sell these pies to take home with you and I am not going to lie. I brought an entire pie home with me back to Maine and I enjoyed every last delicious bite (best souvenir of the trip).
Overall, we had a great experience at Funck's Restaurant and I look forward to returning there in the near future. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 664 West Main Street, Palmyra, PA.