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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Capital City Diner Review ~ Albany, NY

We stopped at Capital City Diner on our way home from Virginia for a late dinner. This diner with it's pretty blue lights was calling our name that night. We still had hours to go until we got home and a diner is exactly what we needed.
I know that more often than not I say how friendly staff is at the restaurants we go to. But the staff at Capital City Diner were really amazing. There wasn't one person there that wasn't friendly and went above and beyond. 

The menu was extensive with lots of great options.

We really enjoyed the diner vibe to the restaurant. The Halloween decorations were an added bonus. Gabrian really enjoyed going around to the different decorations that had buttons on them to give them a try (the staff indulged his button pushing obsession).
Riley continued his Rodeo Burger trend of the trip. This thing was huge and Riley loved every single bite of it. It really satisfied his late night crave for a big and juicy burger. The fries were piping hot (and who doesn't love a good steak fry) and super delicious.

I on the other hand, apparently couldn't get enough tuna on this trip. I can't tell you the last the last time I had a club sandwich and after eating this one, I wonder why I let so much time go by. This tuna was fantastic (a good tuna salad involves enough mayo that you can taste it but not so much it become overwhelming and the celery needs to add crispness to the salad but the chunks can't be too case you wanted to know about my dream tuna salad).

Gabrian went rogue on his ordering and went with the kid's Spaghetti and Meatball. Another excellent choice for our table. The sauce tasted like the meatballs had been simmering in it all day long (my favorite type of sauce). The meatball was flavorful and huge. This is not a typical restaurant choice for Gabrian but I think he made a good one.

Gabrian's meal also came with a scoop of ice cream. It was vanilla and the perfect ending to the his meal.

Riley and I can never let a dessert opportunity pass us by. So we decided to split a Napoleon. This thing was huge and I am so glad we decided to share it (in fact, if I remember correctly, we took some of this home with us). The custard layers were divine and the thick icing on top was incredible. If you find yourself at the Capital City Diner, do yourself a favor and and save room for a Napoleon!

Overall, we had a great experience at Capital City Diner and would love to go back if we ever make it back to Albany. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 1709 Western Ave., Albany, NY.