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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Illinois Roadtrip Wrap-up and Photo Dump

I can't believe it! I have reviewed everything on our trip that needed to be reviewed. I was left with some random pictures that didn't belong in any review but I hated not to share.
The trip started on a Wednesday afternoon. I worked that morning and was out by lunchtime. My mom met me at my Weight Watcher's meeting with the boys. After a quick weigh in we were on the road.
We drove for about 45 minutes before we actually stopped for a picnic lunch. We had homemade calzones (courtesy of my Mom) and dessert.

We love rest areas and take any opportunity to visit with them. Our destination for the first night was Scranton, Pennsylvania. We stayed at the Red Roof Inn and had a lovely dinner.

Our drive started early the next day. We had to get from Scranton, PA to Peoria, IL by that night. 
We got distracted by this Walmart and all of their Kayaks.

We didn't make it very far until Taco Bell lured us in. Riley was beyond excited that they offered breakfast. Even though we were too late for that service, we still had fun playing with their hot sauces.

We got our fair share of rest areas for the second day in a row.
We coasted into Illinois as the sun was starting to set. This picture doesn't do the sunset justice. It was just so beautiful and I wish the camera could show that. After stopping for a late night dinner we arrived at our destination of the Travelodge. 

We had a great couple of days in Peoria, Illinois. Riley had a great visit with Bradley University where this became his number choice for school (he has been accepted but we are waiting for the financial aid packet to see if this will be financially possible). The trip seemed to pass by in a whirlwind. 

We were able to fit in a trip to Niagara Falls and Lake George on the way home. While we never got to stay anywhere long, we finished the trip with a long list of places we would like to revisit in the near future!