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Monday, January 25, 2016

Gabrian's Reward Trip to Boston

Gabrian has always had tummy troubles. The poor guy has had issues since the day he was born. We noticed during the summer he was finally getting the hang of this bathroom thing and he was promised if he could make it the entire summer he could pick out a special prize. He was successful and he asked to go on a trip (I wonder where he got his travel bug from?). My mom and I decided to take him to Boston.
We found this awesome Farmers Market and had a great time looking at all the produce. Full disclosure, I thought these giant carrots were amazing and insisted Gabrian take a picture with them. He ended up ripping the bag and I had to buy the carrots. They were only a $1 but it really sucked dragging around 10 lbs. of carrots all day.

We stopped by Faneuil Hall and lucked into this awesome car show going on. This one with the googly eyes was one of our favorites. 

Funny story (it didn't seem that funny at the time) but take a look at Gabrian's sneakers. They are brand new in this picture. We left really early in the morning for this trip and I had Riley carry Gabrian out to the car. We had been driving for about an hour and we were about to make a pit stop and I was thinking that it was time to get Gabrian dressed for the day. All of a sudden it dawned on me that I forgot to bring any shoes for him! We were too far away from the house to turn around and he was definitely going to need them for the day. We weren't too far away from Kittery and so we made a stop there and were able to score those Reebok shoes for only $20!
We bought a pass to go on a boat ride and bus tour while we were in the city. 

We loved this boat ride and felt so posh on it. We were able to get a great seat on the top of the boat and had great views. We would definitely do this again.

We stopped at Legal Seafoods for lunch. I had always assumed they were out of our price range but I had carried around a $10 gift card around for years and decided to finally put it to use. The lunch was amazing and we discovered that lunch prices were actually pretty reasonable. We will definitely be back again the next time we are in Boston.

After lunch we took our bus/trolley tour. We spend some time in China town where my mom bought possibly every pastry they had. We finally hit our wall and headed to Nashua, NH to our hotel.
We loved this hotel. This is our second time staying here and we think it is great. For one thing, it looks like a castle. The location is great, the lobby is pretty, the rooms our spacious, and the staff is friendly. The only blip we ran into while staying there was the fire alarm that was pulled at 10 in the night by one of the many hockey kids that were staying at the hotel. Gabrian was already asleep and I had to carry in down 3 flights of stairs in my pajamas. It wouldn't have been so bad except the hockey kids parents seemed to act like it was no big deal and I would have liked to see some discipline going on. 

The following morning, Gabrian and I enjoyed taking a tour of the hotel while trying to find the indoor pool. The grounds are absolutely gorgeous and if I ever get married again, I would love to do it here. We finally found the pool and Gabrian got a swim in. I almost forgot, I didn't love our swim experience. They had the shallow end blocked off because they were doing a swim class. Gabrian is not a strong swimmer and I hated that he was stuck at the very edge of the drop-off to the deep end. I understand that the hotel was trying to earn a little extra money but why do it on a Sunday morning when you have lots of hotel guests?
After checking out the hotel, we headed to the Budweiser Experience Tour. We probably should have researched the times of the tours before we headed over there. None of the times they offered worked out for us. That was ok, we wandered the grounds and made it into our own tour. Be ready to be overwhelmed with picture overload!

We had a great weekend but we had one more stop on the way home!
We went to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch! I had a birthday voucher on my Select Card and wanted to use it before it expired. That card was one of the best investments I have ever made. It cost $25 to join but you immediately get that $25 back on your card and on your birthday every year you get another $25. On top of that, you earn points every time you eat at a Landry restaurant and you get priority seating. Which meant that even though there was a super long waiting list when we arrived, we were sat right away.

I can't say this was my favorite meal but Gabrian absolutely loves coming to this restaurant. It is so visually stimulating and lots of action going on. The food won't bring me back but Gabrian's love for the place will!

We had a wonderful weekend in Boston and New Hampshire. I can't wait to see where our next adventure bring us!!