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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Diner Review ~ Pine Grove, Pennsylvania

How cool is it that this restaurant is called "Diner"? It's not even "The Diner", they are direct and straight to the point. The boys and I were on on our way to Virginia to visit the George Mason University. We were in Pennsylvania and we were ready for lunch. When we saw Diner, we knew we had found our restaurant.

It was a 50's Diner from the outside and inside. It had a really fun vibe and the boys and I were excited for our lunch.

The prices were awesome and I seriously think we spent less than we would have at a Fast Food Restaurant.  We looked over the large menu and made our choices. Our waitress was super friendly and was helpful when we asked for help making our final decisions.

The decor was awesome here. I would love to get my hands on some of their light fixtures for my house (lets not talk about how they wouldn't fit in with my household decor at all). Everything inside here lived up to their name of Diner.
I may have nudged Gabrian into the direction of the kid's pot roast ($4.99) but in my defense he gets plenty of hot dogs and hamburgers in his life and a little roast won't hurt him. He absolutely loved this. It worked for him since he isn't a huge starch person and doesn't really care for potatoes that much but I found it strange that it didn't automatically come with it a starch and a vegetable. He had an option of some type of potato or vegetable. As you can see he went with the applesauce and for him that was the right choice.
Riley went with the Rodeo Burger ($5.99) which came with BBQ sauce and an onion ring. It comes with potato chips and he upgraded to the french fries. This burger was right up his alley and he loved it. The fries came out piping hot and satisfied his taste buds.

I went with a tuna sandwich ($5.29). It was simple but delicious. I love tuna but only if someone else prepares it. I am not sure why my tuna salad never comes out right. I was really craving a tuna sandwich and this fit the bill. They had a great mayo to tuna ratio and the crunch of celery was perfect.

We finished off with a little sweet treat. Gabrian's meal came with a dish of ice cream and Riley and I each picked out a homemade cookie ($1.49). The cookies weren't anything special but it was a great way to have a sweet ending to our meal.

Overall, our visit to the Diner was exactly what we were looking for. If we ever found ourselves in Pine Grove at lunch time again, we would give them another visit. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 490 Suedberg Rd, Exit 100 I-81 Pilot Travel Center, Pine Grove, PA 17963.