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Monday, January 18, 2016

Andy's Old Port Pub Review ~ Portland, Maine

Gabrian and visited Andy's Old Port Pub for the first time on a dreary Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks ago. I personally feel a dreary afternoon is the perfect time for a pub visit. Andy's felt welcoming the moment we walked into it. It felt like we were being welcomed back my long time friends even though we had just met.

I checked them out on Tripadvisor before we headed there because I wanted to make sure it would be appropriate to be bring a six-year old. Spoiler was absolutely fine to bring Gabrian and in fact after talking to the waitress, we learned that lots of sports teams use their back room after games and events. One of the things I was most impressed about while reading the reviews is that Andy's takes part of a food tour and many of the people writing the review were so impressed with the food that they returned during their trip to eat another meal or two at the pub.
Once inside the restaurant (it is a little tricky to figure out the entrance from the street but just look for the door to the left of the window and then look for the second door once inside for the official entrance), we were invited to pick the table of our choosing. Gabrian was all over the fact that we got to sit at a high top. 

Guys, they have a popcorn machine and you can eat as much as you want (though I will caution you that the popcorn is extremely delicious but you will want to save some room for the meal!)! We may have visited that machine on more than one occasion.

Drinks were brought, popcorn was eaten, and menu decisions were made. We than settled in for the wait for our meals.

Gabrian and I loved the decor of the restaurant. We could have spent hours looking at the different pictures on the wall (in fact we spent a long time after our meal looking at them....especially the boats made out of cars). It was warm and inviting and just made you want to spend your afternoon there. Before we knew it, our food had shown up.

Gabrian picked his go to (at any restaurant that has them) of Mussels Marinara ($13) which were local mussels in a light tomato-garlic broth with capers and garlic bread. This was amazing (based on the 1 mussel I was allowed to eat). The broth was pure perfection and paired wonderfully with the garlic toast. I appreciated that they were generous with the bread. So many times, restaurants are skimpy with the bread and since the broth is usually the best part it is a real shame.

A few minutes later we just had the empty shells of the meal. I think I caught Gabrian slurping the left-over broth but I am not completely positive.

I came in thinking I was getting a burger but when I saw the Scallop Roll ($15) on the daily special menu, I couldn't resist. Since I was already being a sparcone, I also substituted the coleslaw for onion rings (that are double dipped for only $3 up charge). I would say my only criticism of this entire meal is that the scallops were cooked for maybe 30 seconds too long. Don't get me wrong they were still delicious (and I would totally order them again) but they were starting to turn to the more rubbery side. The onion rings were melt in my mouth fantastic.

When reading the reviews online, the one thing that came through crystal clear is that we should definitely order the blueberry pie ($6). The reviews were 1000% accurate and our only mistake was not ordering our own pieces.
When were were about half way through the pie, Gabrian generously offered to finish up the pie when I got full. It was that good that he was willing to take my half of the pie.
Overall, we had a fantastic experience at Andy's Old Port Pub and can't wait to get back in the very near future (this trip we used a Localvore Today voucher but we would definitely return and pay full price!). If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 94 Commercial Street, Portland, Maine.