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Monday, November 9, 2015

The Boys and I take on Niagara Falls ~ The Canadian Side

Hello Blog World. Sorry about the short hiatus. The end of summer and beginning of fall kind of took over. I am anxious to get back to our trip reporting. I still need to finish this trip to see Bradley University and then I have a few weekend trips to talk about plus in case you have forgotten I still need to finish our trip to Chile! So lots of stuff coming your way. I hope to start posting a little more regularly until I can catch up with all our trips. I also have a project on a way to save for our next trip and I thought I might share the savings plan with everyone.
When we were planning our trip to Illinois to see the University, I knew that I really wanted to try to fit in Niagara Falls into our whirlwind of a trip somehow. I studied maps and different routes to find a way to make it possible. I finally came up with the plan of going through Michigan and through Canada itself.

It was fascinating driving through Canada (ok, not looked just like the US) and we made it a priority to stop at the rest stop. This wasn't because we were in Canada, we just really love stopping at any rest area that we can squeeze in. I love them almost as much as I love Chilean Gas Stations. This one was pretty nice and if we weren't making a mad dash to Niagara Falls, we probably would have hung out for awhile.
Riley discovered a new love in his life. He has declared his undying love to Poutine. If you are unfamiliar with this delicacy, it is french fries that are covered with gravy and cheese curds. The rest area actually had an entire food stand dedicated to this delight. They had several delicious sounding options but Riley went the traditional route. Seriously if you see poutine on a menu, make sure you order them immediately!
After several hours of driving we made it to the Falls. Where we proceeded to drive through the pedestrian filled streets, past the falls and several miles out until we finally found parking where they charged us about $17.56 (this is purely a guess, I remember it was under $20 but not far under). After being price gouged for a spot on the grass, we started our hike back to the center of fun (just a side note: the walk to the center was fun and awesome. The walk back was tiring and there may have been some crying me, I was too wrapped up in misery to notice if the walk was affecting the boys).

What these pictures aren't showing you are the hordes of people we were fighting to get through. I knew this was a touristy place but I wasn't expecting that. It also could have been the fact that there was some type of Indian Festival going on that day so I am sure that added to the crowds. During our walk to the center it didn't phase us but on the way back if one more person touched me I was going to scream (in my head...because I am super passive aggressive and would never actually say something).

The boys loved the tourist epicenter and hope to go back and to really take our time checking everything out. There were so many flashing lights and noises to keep us distracted.

We had originally wanted to go one of the boats to go under the Falls but we got there just a little too late and to be honest they would have been out of my price range anyway. We decided to do the Ferris Wheel instead. I am so glad that we ended up with this activity instead. It was perfect for us. You purchase your ticket from a booth outside of the area of the wheel and then you get in line for the ride. It was so hot and humid that night so it was wonderful getting into our own air conditioned bubble. It was amazing seeing the fall lit up along with all the buildings with their neon lights. Our favorite was the miniature golf course under the wheel and watching the volcano erupt underneath us.
The Falls were the perfect place to make memories with my boys. We had a great time and hope to go back again in the near future to spend some more time there.