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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chenoa Family Restaurant Review ~ Chenoa, Illinois

The boys and I left really early on Saturday morning from Peoria, IL. We gave up our free breakfast in order to get on the road. We made it a couple of hours (I may have actually only been about 45 minutes before the whining started about the hunger pains. That would be me whining, the boys are real troopers). We decided to pick the next exit that advertised any type of eating establishment. This is how we made the decision to eat at Chenoa Family Restaurant

We were definitely in farm country (it made me feel like I was back home in Dexter with the endless fields). I apparently was quite impressed with the corn based on the amount of pictures I tried to take of the field across the street from the restaurant.
There were quite a few cars there already considering how early we were there so I took it as a good sign. One of my favorite things about this place was all of the patrons there that clearly were regulars.

The friendly waitress brought us to our booth and was quick to bring out our drinks.

That coffee was delicious and I could have easily drank many cups of it, if I didn't have to drive afterwards and didn't want to stop every couple of minutes to visit the rest stops of Illinois.

The restaurant seemed really new and was much nicer than I was expecting in a smaller town (no offense Chenoa, this is just based on my experience of living in a small town for many years). The kitchen was quick and before long our orders were out.

Riley picked the breakfast burrito. He found it tasty enough but nothing special. It is hard to compare because we had eaten at some really awesome restaurants on this trip.

Gabrian picked the kid's pancakes with sausage links. He loved his breakfast. It had pancakes and sausage. Other than eggs, he couldn't ask for anything else. He scarfed those pancakes right up.

I went with bacon and eggs. It was perfect choice for a diner. The eggs were yolky (my favorite way to eat eggs) and the toast was buttery. Nothing special but it sure hit the spot.

Overall, Chenoa Family Restaurant was exactly what we needed for our breakfast needs. I would love to try their desserts if we ever make it back. If you would like to try them for yourself, they are located at 508 W Cemetery Ave., Chenoa, Illinois.