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Monday, September 21, 2015

Bradley University Tour ~ Peoria, Illinois ~ July 2015

Our family has entered a new stage in life. We have started the search for Riley's College. It has already been a fascinating process for me watching Riley start to narrow down his focus on not only what school he wants to go to  but also what he wants to study. When I was applying to college, I had Riley and limited my search to what was nearby to my home and picked my degree based on what they offered.

I love that Riley is not limited to location and the world is really his oyster. He was allowed to pick one distance school to visit (within reason...Hawaii wasn't happening, even if I really, really wanted him to pick there). He has narrowed down his focus on Computer Science and in particular he wants to do Game Design. Riley approached me in June that he would like to go to Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. They had an Open House at the end of July and with that our summer road trip was born.

After two days of solid driving, we were excited to have a day of no driving. We arrived early and found a real primo spot in the garage.

Peoria is a great mix of city and suburban and Bradley University is located right in the middle of it. I love the location for a University. It isn't a huge city but lots in walking distance for the students.

It was a pretty awesome welcome to the school. Gabrian thought we were at Disney and asked the Gargoyle for his autograph. The students were great and made us feel so welcome and excited to be there.

We started off with our second breakfast of the day. We were in Group 1 and took a seat right at the front of the presentation. We were able to have a great chat with one of the Admission Counselors.

The day was spent listening to Alumni, Faculty, and tours of the campus.  They gave us a delicious lunch and lots of swag. I am not going to lie we were enamored with the school. I was really impressed with the Game Design program that they offer. They start right as freshmen taking classes in their program and build on their knowledge each year. They also get to do a semester in Los Angeles where they get to intern at an actual Game Design Company! I really liked this school (and I really liked Peoria and wouldn't mind spending more time to discover the place).

We finished the day wandering around the campus where I felt the need to document every flower we came across. Riley was absolutely in love with this place and it may have slid into his number 1 choice (we still have a few more schools to tour so only time will tell to see if this remains as high on the list).