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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Silly's Restaurant Review ~ Portland, Maine

Last Thursday I had a visitor from out of town. Jeremy was only going to be here for an overnight and wanted to see a little of Portland on his first trip to Maine. He was able to explore a little on his own during the day and we had plans to meet up in the evening for dinner. Jeremy is a vegetarian and I really had to put on my thinking cap to find a good choice for all of us. I remembered Silly's restaurant and knew it was the perfect choice for us.

We arrived a little before 6:30 in the evening. While the inside of the restaurant was awesome, we knew we wanted to eat outside. We put our names in and settled (in what ended up being a really long) wait. You want to keep in mind that they don't take reservations and they will not seat you if your entire party is not there.

There is a ramp between the restaurants two buildings and is where you do your waiting. I have to say that the customers at Silly's are the nicest ever. They put up with many rounds of "I Spy with my Little Eye" with the boys and helped us to entertain the boys during our incredibly long wait. 

During one of the boys many bathroom breaks we were able to check out there completely empty dining room (everyone wanted to eat outside like us...though the other building had people dining in it). You could spend hours checking out the walls here and still not see everything. The boys were in love with the lunch boxes they had on the tables. They all had different types of games you can play at the table.

After an hour wait (who knew that a Thursday night would be so busy??), we finally made it to our table. When we got to our table we could see a bunch of empty ones, which makes me think they may have been short handed that night. Our server was super nice but we would go long periods without seeing him, so I think he was stretched thin (oh well, it didn't make the food any less delicious).

Water and their super huge menus came out. It was almost overwhelming with the choices they had. I eventually had to make my decision and close the menu so I wouldn't keep changing my choice.

Our drinks came out for the adults fairly quickly. Jeremy went with a local brew (he liked the beer but didn't agree with the mug choice that it was served in). Tenney and I spit a half-pitcher of Sangria ($17). This was huge and we didn't even make it half way through the pitcher. In fact, I didn't even finish my first mug of Sangria. I have come to the sad conclusion that I do not care for Sangria. I don't know why, I love fruit and I love wine. But apparently I like they separately and not when they commingle.

While we were waiting for our food, I let Gabrian take the camera and wander around (that is my secret of getting pictures without looking totally creepy...I let my 6-year old look creepy). Their outside seating area is awesome.

We started with Nacho Nacho Man ($10.50). My pictures aren't given you an accurate representation of how awesome they were. The chips are made with flour tortillas (you can opt for corn tortillas if need gluten free) and lots of cheese that was melted to perfection without burning. The five of us pretty much filled up on these and there was still half the order left when we were finished. 
Gabrian ordered the Kid's Hamburger ($6). It was huge for a kid's burger! He only made it half way before having to call it quits. 
Emmett picked the Kid's Chicken Pollitos ($6). It was another great choice. The only small gripe we have is that they do not have ranch dressing. With all their amazing food, we thought for sure they would have a great homemade ranch dressing. Otherwise this was delicious.
Jeremy ordered the flat bread special of the day. He enjoyed it though I think the salad on top made it a bit messy (this is my opinion and not necessarily Jeremy's opinion). He made it about half way through (this seemed to be a common theme amongst all of us...those nachos got the best of us).
Tenney ordered the Hot & Cheezy Flatbread ($12). This was probably the only disappointment of the table. It was way too much buffalo sauce for her and it made it difficult for her to enjoy. It made her mouth feel like it was on fire.

I ordered the Fabuffel Burger (but somehow lost the picture). It was so good and I am really sad you can't see it. It had falafel, hot sauce, and hummus and it was basically amazeballs. I am seriously considering going to get it for lunch today. 
We shared a piece of their chocolate cake. My friend Holly has been telling me about this cake for years and I am so glad I was finally able to try it. It was moist, fudgy, and very rich. It was just the right amount for us to share it at the end of the meal.
Overall, I really enjoyed my experience here. Other than the long wait, I loved everything I had to eat. I plan on going back here in the very near future. If you would like to try out Silly's for yourself, they are located at 40 Washington Ave, Portland, Maine.