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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Saturday Ramblings ~ Solo Adventure

Last weekend, Gabrian went with his Dad for the first annual Father and Son Camping trip. This left me alone for Saturday. I was sad to go on without my errand buddy but I soldiered on.

I started off my day at The Holy Donut to pick up my free Chocolate Glazed with Sea Salt. I also ordered their ice coffee which was amazingly expensive but then I took my first sip and would have gladly paid double (please don't get any ideas Holy Donut). They actually freeze ice coffee and use it as their ice (this is genius!!!!). This was seriously some of the best coffee I have ever had.
Next, I crossed the street to walk over to the Portland Farmer's Market. I usually can't afford to buy much at the market but I sure do love walking around and looking at all the pretty colors. 
I stopped in at Whole Food's Market. I was smacked in the face with Fall before I even got into the store. I love Mums but I am not ready to give up on summer yet! But they were so pretty I had to take a picture.
I spent the next part of the day getting ready for an interview I had later that week. I was on the hunt for pants (which I thankfully found!). I also got myself beautified including getting a manicure. I always feel like it makes you feel so much more put together.

At this point I was lonely and dragged Riley out to lunch with me. We went to our favorite local Mexican restaurant, El Rodeo. We had a delicious lunch on the outside patio.

Just about the time we finished eating, a downpour started out of nowhere. Thankfully we were there it was at a slow time, so we were able to wait out the rain.
After lunch, I finished up my grocery shopping and headed home to this nutritious dinner. So there you have it, my solo adventure (and I hope it never happens again....I missed my buddy too much, it's bad enough Riley never wants to hang out with me but lose Gabrian too is too much :-)).