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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Review ~ Scarborough, Maine

A couple of Saturdays ago, Gabrian and I spent the day wearing ourselves at the pools in Funtown Splashtown. By the time we were headed home I knew there was no way I was going to be in the mood to cook dinner. Red Robin started to call our names so we headed on over for dinner (burgers were on our minds after smelling them cooking at the park all day). 

We arrived a little after 7 and they were hopping. We put our names in and were given about a 15 minute wait. Gabrian always loves the waiting here. They have video games, a tv in the floor, and balloons (whats not to love?).
We got lucky and ended up in our favorite section. We like the booths right next to the kitchen. Watching them work can keep us entertained the entire time we are there. 

We started off with waters for both of us. I also ordered a soda and Gabrian went with a lemonade. We placed our orders and enjoyed looking around the restaurant.

I like the decor in Red Robin. It is bright, colorful, and loud (which is particularly nice when you have a six-year old). They were quick in the kitchen that night and our food was out pretty quickly.

Gabrian went to a burger place and ordered a pizza. I am bumfuzzled on his decision too! Oh well, he loved it and he ate it all.
We had this fun surprise at the bottom of his plate. I wonder if they sell these plates because I kind of would like to own a set of them. Actually, super awesome news, they do sell the plates (only $5 a plate...does someone want to buy them for me?).

I went with the double tavern burger. It is a real bargain at only$6.99. It definitely hit the spot and satisfied my burger craving. I also enjoyed their delicious steak fries with a side of ranch dressing.
Overall, this was a great easy meal for us. If you would like to try Red Robin for yourself, they are located at 800 Gallery Blvd, Scarborough, Maine.