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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to Spend 6 Hours of Quality Time with Your 6-Year Old ~ AKA: The Time I Lost My Car Key

This past Saturday started with so much promise. Gabrian and I woke up bright and early. We were ready to start our day. We had signed up months ago for the Color Me Rad Run and we were ready to participate in our first 5K. With white shirts on, we were ready to go and change colors.
Waiting at the start line was so exciting. When they played Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" we were ready get our race on.

The race was everything we had hoped it would be. We were able to keep up (in fact we even ran a few times during the race). Gabrian became the high five king during the race. He was able to get just about everyone going the opposite direction to high five him.

We were on a super high after the race and had a great time at the after party where we managed to get even more colors on us!

Gabrian went gaga over this plane. He was amazed that he could get so close to it and actually touch it. He made me read every sign they had up around the plane. It was right about this time, that I discovered that I had lost my car key at some point along the race. We retraced all of our steps and the key was officially gone.

I called my Mom at her job (she works every other Saturday at her local library which was about 2 hours away). She agreed to come and get us once she was out of work at 2 (this was about 11:30 in the morning). So we only had six short hours of quality bonding time until someone rescued us.

I called my insurance company and used my towing option to get my car unlocked. I thankfully still had my remote car started locked inside. So once inside we were able to start the car for 15 minutes at a time and run that glorious air conditioner. 

We walked to Burger King for lunch and ate it as slowly as possible. We looked like crazy people with all of our colors still dripping off of us. Once we milked our time at the restaurant as long as possible, we made our way back to the car. We had about five hours of car time. This is what quality car time with a six-year old looks like.

Just when I thought I couldn't hear another knock knock joke that didn't make any sense, my Mom came to our rescue (Thank God for my Mom!). She picked us up and brought us back with the keys. The bonus for us, was she spent the night with us, so we got some extra Grandma time.

Moral of the story, if you want to have quality time with you kids, lose your car keys!