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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Buck's Naked BBQ Steakhouse Review ~ Portland, Maine

The past weekend Gabrian went on his first annual Dad and Son camping trip. Which meant Riley and I had a free Friday night (and he actually wasn't about the stars aligning). I narrowed down our restaurant choices to somewhere I have a Portland Dine Around coupon for. We decided on Buck's Naked BBQ in the Old Port.

Riley and I totally scored an awesome deal for parking. There is a parking garage at the top of the street across from the entrance of the restaurant and in the evening they offer parking for $5 for the entire night.

We knew we wanted to eat outside but I was glad we had to check-in inside of the restaurant so we could check it out a little. I definitely enjoyed the vibe of the restaurant and next time would like to eat inside.

We got our choice of tables outside and picked one close to the street action. It was fun watching the people walk by us during our time at the restaurant.

The menu was huge and it was hard to narrow down our final selections. I definitely see several visits in our future to try out some other options.
Riley started off with a diet soda. Nothing special but we do enjoy when they serve it in an extra large cup because that boy sure can suck down a soda.

I started with a Margarita with a Baby Back Rib as a garnish. I am not sure why all of my drinks aren't served with a rib but they should be. Restaurants need to get on this trend immediately! It is a cocktail and an appetizer all rolled into one. The best part besides being amazingly delicious (the drink and the rib), was that it was only $8! That is a bargain, especially in the Old Port.

Riley ordered the Black Bean Veggie Burger. I know, I am as shocked as you that this meat lover went with the veggie option. He loved it though (it probably had something to do with the fact that mango was involved in the preparation...that boy loves himself some mango). He would definitely get it again.

I ordered the beef brisket sandwich with baked beans as my side. The meat was full of flavor, tender and the BBQ sauce was amazing. I didn't eat any of the bread, not because it wasn't any good, just that I was trying to save some of my weight watcher points and forgoing the bread seemed the wisest way to go. The baked beans may have been some of the best I have ever eaten. They had a delicious flavor and were full of meaty goodness. I definitely plan on eating their beans in the very near future (I am contemplating going there for lunch today to get my bean fix).

While we were waiting for our check we noticed a photo shoot happening on Wharf Street, right next to the restaurant. I tried to sneakily grab some pictures of the shoot (I am sure I was beyond obvious but it was too exciting to not take a picture!).

After dinner, we enjoyed a stroll around the Old Port where we finished off our evening with some Gelato from Gorgeous Gelato. We also got majorly gloaty when we realized that the parking garage was full and we got to get an awesome deal on parking in an awesome location and other suckers had to pay more for worse spots (I realize that I am pathetic and that this is beyond petty....I have very little in my life, give me this!).

Overall, we had a fantastic time at Buck's Naked BBQ and plan on going again in the very near future. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 50 Wharf Street, Portland, Maine (they also have 2 other locations in Windham & Freeport).