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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Velveteen Habit Review ~ Cape Neddick, Maine

A couple of weekends ago, I had found a great deal on Localvore for The Velveteen Habit. We purchased the deal for $25 and it was for $50 worth of food or drink (they are still offering the deal so I would scoop it up while they still have it). This is a farm to table restaurant and it is literally farm to table since they have a farm right outside the restaurant. We were able to see someone outside picking from the garden when we first arrived.

I wished we had gotten their earlier because on their site they mention that you can enjoy a complimentary glass of sparkling wine while walking around the garden. Our table was ready when we went to check in (bummer...I would have really loved that glass of wine).

The staff is amazingly attentive the moment we walked in those red doors (and there are so many of them!). We were brought to our table in an empty dining room. At first I was slightly insulted that they were keeping the six-year old away from the adults. But that totally was not the case. We quickly had other tables join us.

One of my favorite parts was the person in charge of filling our water. They were totally on their game that night. We never went thirsty!
Their bread service came out next. We scarfed that down and it was with extreme willpower that I turned down getting a second loaf. I was trying to be semi-good and plus I wanted room for my food!

We spent some time enjoying the decor of the restaurant.

I ordered a cocktail. It was the Zaney Delaney and it had a wonderful boozy surprise at the end of it. My only disappointment of the meal was that they never asked if I would like another one. I would have really enjoyed a second drink.

Our appetizers came out next.
We started with the Potato Gnocchi with turnips, peas, and parmesan ($11). These were pillowy airs of delight. It had a slight tang to it which worked so well with the potato and peas. It was awesome.
Next was the TVH Tots with Brava Sauce ($6). These are a grown up version of tator tots. The perfectly seasoned tots went so great with the spicy sauce on the side. I probably could have eaten two or three more orders of these.
Here comes the fancy part. They actually set your dinner after the appetizers for dinner service. I felt so incredibly posh (it's the little things, you know?).
Gabrian and I shared the Organic Chicken served with summer squash and potatoes ($29). I don't normally order chicken at a restaurant but I got outvoted by Gabrian (I got to pick the appetizers so it only seemed fair). It was moist, flavorful, and just the right amount for the two of us to share.
We saved just enough room for dessert. I loved that they offered half orders of the dessert options. I love that because so many times, you just want a taste of something sweet but don't was a huge portion of something. 

We made our dessert decisions and it wasn't long before they were out.
Gabrian chose the roasted banana ice cream over a bed of cashews. This was so good. You could really taste the banana in it.
I picked the Chocolate Pot de Creme with swirls of nutella. It was rich and decadent and basically the perfect ending to a perfect meal. I loved them both though and I am not sure if I could pick one over the other.

Overall, if you are looking for a fancy meal, this is the place for you. I loved every bite I had there and wouldn't hesitate to go back. I think if you had a special occasion or were on vacation, or just wanted to treat yourself to an amazing meal, you should make yourself a reservation. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 37 Ogunquit Road, Cape Neddick, Maine.