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Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Good Table Restaurant Review (and a little bit of Strawberry Festival thrown in) ~ Cape Elizabeth, Maine

On the last weekend of June, Gabrian and I met up with our friends Tenney and Emmett for a little bit of Strawberry Festival action. When there is a festival celebrating one of my favorite berries, I totally need to be there.

The boys got to dress up as bugs.
Pretended to drive on tractors.

We discovered that Gabrian is a master hula hooper (chip off the old block if I don't say so myself).
The boys shared an ice cream (an actual ice cream, not just the one Emmett was wearing).
Tenney and I shared one of the most delicious strawberry cream filled oat cookie from Little Bigs ever created on earth (and I am not exaggerating!). After all of this awesome snacking, we had worked up an appetite and we were ready for lunch.
We had been eying the Good Table Restaurant on our way to the festival and decided to give them a try. A quick ride over (after taking several laps on the free tractor ride...lets not discuss how the tractor ride was meant for the people that parked in the fields and we had a street parking spot and we were just joining in for a joy ride).
They have the most amazing staff there. Everyone was pleasant from the moment we walked in. We were brought to the back room where we got a great window seat that overlooked the bird feeders. We settled in and took a look at the menu.

While there cocktails were super enticing, we stuck with cold, refreshing ice water to hydrate after a sunny afternoon in a strawberry field.
After we placed our orders, we did the next natural thing (when you have a six-year old), we checked out the bathroom (don't worry...I took pictures).

It wasn't just the bathroom that was awesome. The restaurant was pretty spiffy too (plus there were birds to watch). Why do Chinese lanterns automatically make a room look better? I need to invest in some of these to decorate my house...and maybe my backyard too!

I am not sure if the kitchen was super fast or we were just distracted by all the pretty things, but it felt like no time before our food was out.
Tenney ordered the Burger of the Day. I don't remember everything that was on it, but it had corn relish and she talked a lot about how much she loved it! She upgraded to the onion rings (which were more like onion strings).
The boys split an order of the Children's Ribs. They smelled delicious and they devoured these. Considering how hungry the boys were that day, we probably should have let them order their own. We made it work but it wasn't quite enough for the two of them (which was totally our fault and not the restaurant's...they never promised the meal would stretch for two kids).
Gabrian was willing to show off his BBQ face afterwards.

I ordered a tuna sandwich. It was the perfect ratio of tuna to mayo in the salad. I thought it was so good and so did the boys. Those scavengers ate 3/4 of my sandwich! I upgraded to the sweet potato fries. I would definitely order this again (and make Gabrian order his own!).

We ordered a strawberry glazed pie made with local strawberries. You can't tell from the picture but this was filled with huge, juicy strawberries that were perfectly ripened. So good!!

Our table also had an order of bread pudding. Another great choice for our table. It was moist and topped with a rich caramel sauce. Maybe next time we go, we should just get desserts?

A little bird watching before our check arrived.

Our check came out on the cutest dish ever (how could you ever mind paying when it is served on this cuteness?).

The boys had a great time exploring the beautiful gardens outside the restaurant after our lunch.

Overall, we loved our lunch here and are scheming how we can fit another one in, in the very near future. If you would like to try the Good Table Restaurant for yourself, they are located at 527 Ocean House Road, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.