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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pat's Dairyland Review ~ Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

Everyone talks about hidden gem restaurants. But I am here to tell you that Pat's Dairyland is the true gem! They are only open in the summer and their hours are a little hit and miss but I can't visit my Mom without fitting a trip (or two...or three) to Pat's.
We went to visit my Mom over the 4th of July weekend and we planned our arrival day around fitting in our Lunch at Pat's. Their dining room was full (they have a counter and about 3 tables inside). So we staked out a picnic table outside. We place our order at the window and settle in for the wait.

There are only two people running the place. But they are amazingly efficient and fast. On top of that they are always friendly!

Before we knew it, this deliciousness came out!
My Mom, Gabrian, and I each got the scallop roll. Hold onto your socks because this bad boy was only $4.50. I don't know how they can afford to sell this many sea scallops on a roll at this price (we suspect they may be part of the scallop mafia). They are pure perfection. The scallops big, sweet, and juicy served on a grilled, buttered hot dog roll. If you are in a 100 mile radius, you need to stop and get one of these!
Riley picked the Fish & Chips ($5.80). Not quite as good as the scallop roll (but how could anything be as good?). But he found it delicious and satisfied his craving for fish.
We shared an order of large Onion Rings ($2.70). These were crispy rings of delight. It was just the right amount to share with our table of four.
I ordered a small order of cole slaw ($.85). It was the right ratio of cabbage to mayo. It had the slight tang of vinegar and went great with my scallop roll.

Overall, I am in love with Pat's Dairyland. I can't stress enough how much you should try them out for yourself. If you would like to have the best scallop roll of your life (just make sure you bring cash because that is the only form of tender they take), they are located at 55 South St., Dover-Foxcroft, Maine.