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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

LFK Restaurant Review ~ Portland, Maine

A couple of Fridays ago, a miracle occurred in my life. All the stars aligned and my friend Tenney and I were able to go out on a Friday night without kids (the miracle came in the form called "Riley", who very begrudgingly agreed to watch the two kids). I can't even  begin to tell you the last time I went out on a Friday night (let alone without a kid). It was a glorious evening. For our big night, I had scooped a Localvore Today deal for LFK. It cost me $15 and it gave us $30 toward food and drink.
We were able to snag a table outside which I worried about initially because it was a little on the cool side. No worries because a cocktail in, I was able to warm up quite nicely. The inside was pretty awesome and I look forward to coming back and really taking in everything. It used to be a bookstore and it definitely still had that vibe. Lots of book and typewriter touches around the room. They had tables, a bar, and some comfy looking couches to relax in.
They started off with a carafe of water which is one of my favorite things a restaurant can do. I love having control of my water and not having to worry about catching the eye of the server. Plus the water just looks prettier in a carafe.
Tenney started off with a glass of White Wine (I don't remember exactly what it was but I am pretty sure it was from New Zealand). We debated about whether we the look of a wine glass without a stem. Tenney made some valid points about it being awkward to hold and your hand warmed up the chilled wine. I am pretty sure I won the debate when I declared it prettier (I am a master of words...not to brag on myself).

I started with the West End Mule ($9). It has Makers Mark, Lime, Mint, & Ginger Beer. I am not going to lie. I only ordered it so I could drink out of a copper cup and was highly disappointed that it was served in a mason jar (I don't even like mint in my drink that much and I am not sure how I feel about ginger beer). But then I remembered how much I like drinking things out of mason jars and the drink looked so pretty and it actually tasted good (and refreshing). It ended up being a really great summer drink (it just might have been slightly better out of copper cup).

I have to say that I am loving the trend of deviled eggs showing up on menus lately. I forgot how much I love them. I was a little sad that I had to share them with Tenney (I hope she's not reading this because that just made me sound really greedy). I just think I would have enjoyed all four of them to myself. I guess next time I better order my own plate of them and make sure I slide them close to my side of the table so I don't give off the impression of wanting to share (though I am sure she is going to get her order and all of my greedy planning won't be necessary...this doesn't make me sound piggy does it?...never mind, don't answer...I don't think I am going to like to hear it). These little vessels of deliciousness only cost $5!

Next up was the LFK Tator-Tots (double order $5). They are served with Gochujang Aioli which now that I think about, I have no idea what Gochujang is but I do know that it is delicious and goes great with tator-tots. By the way, another great trend of appetizers in restaurants. Who doesn't love tator-tots and they are making it socially acceptable to admit it in public. These were so awesome that I convinced someone sitting on the comfy couch (located next to the restroom where I was waiting for it to become available), to upgrade to the double order. I think I just discovered my new career. Restaurants should pay me to blend in and look like a customer and convince people to upgrade their orders. I probably would be open to being paid in food and cocktails (just a thought LFK, if you are need of bumping up check totals).

We were ready for our next round of drinks. Tenney repeated her wine order (and was slightly more excited for this cup with the gold rim). I went with a Ginger Margarita ($9) this time around. This had El Jimador, Fresh Ginger, Ginger Syrup, and Lime. I love fresh ginger and I loved this drink (so much in fact that since I was not driving, I ordered another one later on). This drink was amazing, and if you like ginger you need to try this one out!
 We shared a LFK Veggie Burger served with Potato Salad ($12). They came with the most wonder dill pickles. I love vinegar and these were made with a heavy hand of vinegar which made them perfect for me. We also requested a side of their garlic mayo which went really great with the veggie burger. This was perfect to share between the two of us and was just the right amount of food for us. I need to remember that I like veggie burgers and order them more often.

We also ordered Chocolate Chip Cookie ($2). It was the perfect way to end our meal out. I was three drinks in so I may have forgotten to take a picture of the cookie. 

There was a funny incident while we were eating our meal (well funny for Tenney and I, probably not so funny for the two poor guys it happened to). The table next to us that was closer to the building were poop dived by a bird. One guy got it down his back and the other one had his pants attacked. They were good sports about it, and they joked along with us about the dangerous birds (at least I think they were laughing with us, I hope they didn't get their feelings hurt by us).

Overall, we really enjoyed our night at LFK. It's not just because we were without kids (though that certainly upped our enjoyment level). We would go back in a heartbeat (next time we can talk Riley into babysitting because it had more of an adult vibe and I am not sure kids would fit in there). If you would like to try LFK for yourself, they are located at 188 State Street # A, Portland, Maine.