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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Viva Perú Restaurant ~ Pucón, Chile

I discovered something major while I was in Chile. I love Peru! Well, I love their food at least (I am pretty sure I will love the Country too once I make my way out of the airport at some point). Peruvian food is the bomb diggity! My mom and I had an afternoon to ourselves while we were in Pucón and we were in search of a delicious lunch spot. We found the perfect place when we discovered Viva Perú
It was a gorgeous day and we were looking for a nice outdoor spot (I love that about Chile. Most of the restaurants offer outdoor seating). Viva Perú smelled delicious and we were lured in (it also may have been the happy hour that was going on and they were offering 2x1 pisco sours). We let the waitress know we were there and started to look over the menu.

They also had a daily menu set out.
We placed our orders and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside!

Our delicious, delicous drinks came out first.

I really miss my pisco sours (I really need to find a supply of pisco so I can start making my own). This one was an icy cold concoction which was perfect on a warm day. I also drank tons of water (in fact the entire time I was there, it was so dry and I was always so thirsty.

Freshly baked bread came out next. I adore the bowl that the butter was served in. I am such a sucker for cute bowls.
We also ordered a chica morada (a drink made with purple corn). I was not a fan of this drink. They didn't do anything wrong, it just wasn't the drink for us. I found it overly sweet and it was served warm (maybe if it had been cold I would have liked it better?).
My mom ordered the Papa a la Huancaín which are yellow peruvian potatoes served with a yellow and cheese sauce. These were amazing! The sauce went so wonderfully with the potatoes. It was creamy, cheesy, and just a little bit of spicy! I kind of wish I was eating them right now along with an icy cold pisco sour.
I ordered the daily special and picked the Arroz Chaufa. It is a peruvian spin on fried rice. I seriously don't think I have ever eaten better fried rice in my life. It was perfectly balanced with spices, vegetables, and chicken (I really should have eaten dinner before writing this post, I am starting to drool a little).
On top of the wonderful meal we had, the restaurant also offered free wifi! Thank goodness for Facetime on iPhone. It made it so much easier to keep in touch with Riley until he was able meet up with us. It was so nice to be able see his face while we were so far away.

Overall, we absolutely loved Viva Perú and will definitely be eating there the next time we are in town. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at Lincoyan 372, Pucón, Chile.