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Monday, June 15, 2015

Nosh Kitchen Bar Review ~ Portland, Maine

This past Friday, the boys and I finally went to a restaurant we have been talking and drooling about since we moved to Southern Maine. We finally made it to Nosh Kitchen Bar after about 2 1/2 years. I have no idea what has taken us so long. We need to get cracking on their impressive Burger menu. Those burgers aren't going to eat themselves you know!
We got use out of our Portland Dine Around Book. We had a coupon that gave us $10 off our second entree. Most of the sandwiches and burgers ranged from $12-$21, although there is a basic cheeseburger for $10.

On our way to the restaurant, Riley found this store Strange Maine, that he and his selfie loving self absolutely loved. He was so bummed that they were closed for the night. He is bound and determined to make a trip there in the near future.

Fortunately, I was able to lure Riley away with the promise of a delicious burger.
When we entered the restaurant, there was a small line waiting for a table. The room is comprised of the bar, several 2-seater high top tables, and one really large table. We got lucky and a section of the large table cleared out and we were able to get sat there (just note that you have to be ok with sharing the table with other parties if you sit there)..

Once we were sat, we had fun looking at their oversize menus. There were so many fun choices to pick from and it was hard to narrow down what we wanted to get. I wish I had noticed the food coming out before we ordered, because there is no way I would have let Gabrian order his own meal if I had seen the portion sizes. If you are bringing small children, there is no kids menu. I would either have them share with you or plan on having lots of left-overs to bring home.

Once we ordered, we had a great time checking out the restaurant. I loved the huge windows they had to see the bustling city life going on outside on Congress Street. My other favorite part was their ceiling. I loved the nautical theme that was embossed in their ceiling.

We had a round of waters and Riley ordered a soda ($2.00). I had seriously considered ordering one of their delicious sounding cocktails but decided to save my budget for a potential dessert.
Riley ordered us an appetizer to share. It was the tempura fried garlic dill pickles ($7.00) with a chipotle mayo dipping sauce. We all loved this appetizer. The sauce really did it for me. It gave the pickles a real kick that went great with the dill flavor.

Riley ordered the Nosh Mac N' Stack ($15) as his entree. Yes that is bread made out of mac and cheese. I am not going to even think about how many calories is in that thing. Riley really enjoyed his burger. He was slightly disappointed that he wasn't able to pick it up and eat it like a regular burger. He was thinking that the mac and cheese was going to be more solid but instead had to eat it with a fork and knife. With that being said, he thought it was delicious and wouldn't hesitate to order it again.

I ordered the Mugsy's Chicken Fried Biscuit ($12). It was huge and Riley was able to bring more than half of it with him the next day to work for lunch. It was a delicious sandwich but I think I would have preferred if the maple butter had been a maple aioli instead. It felt like it was missing a sauce of some type.

Gabrian ordered the Taco's Americano ($10). The waitress warned me they would be spicy and she was definitely right. Thankfully, Gabrian doesn't mind a little spice to his food. He was able to finish one of these before throwing in the towel. Riley was able to score 2 tacos for his lunch (it must have an interesting assortment for him to eat the next day!).

The sandwiches do not come with french fries (which is a little bit of a bummer considering the costs of their burgers/sandwiches). We ordered one of the bacon dusted fries ($6) and we picked the South Carolina BBQ sauce (you get to pick one as part of your order). They were not as bacony tasting as we thought they were going to be but that doesn't change the fact that they were plain awesome. They were probably some of the best fries I have ever had prepared. Make sure you lick your fingers when you are done because that dust makes them taste delicious!!

Even though we were bringing half our food home, it didn't stop us from ordering dessert! How could we pass by a Smore's Burger ($9). We were fighting each other to get the marshmallow mixed with the nutella spread (I am not positive but I think one of the boys tried to stab my hand when they got territorial over the dessert...we choose to never talk about it again). It was a great ending to a really great meal!

Overall, we enjoyed our meal and would definitely go back to Nosh Restaurant Bar and work our way through their menu. If you would like to try them for yourself, they are located at 551 Congress Street, Portland, Maine.