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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Jimmy the Greek's Restaurant Review ~ South Portland, Maine

This past Friday was a special day for us. It was the last day of school for the boys and we were ready to celebrate. Between Tenney and I, we have 2 first graders and 1 senior in high school! It seemed like a good reason to check out Jimmy the Greek's for a celebration dinner! I had purchased a Groupon (If you haven't signed up for Groupon yet, click on my link and sign up. The first time you purchase a deal, I get $10 in my account and you get to read more reviews!!) a few days earlier. It was selling for $18 and you received $30 worth of food. I had an extra 25% off a local deal and I was able to purchase the voucher for $13.50!

Tenney and Emmett had headed over a few minutes early and they were able to score us a pretty awesome outside table. It was a little windy but it was so nice to be able sit outside!

The outside patio is such a great seating area. You would never guess you were in a mall parking lot. I would definitely suggest this as a great retreat after a long day of shopping this summer!

There menu is huge! Each thing on the menu sounded better than the next so it took us a bit of time to come to final contenders. The drink menu was even better (especially if you like fancy beers!). 

Our drinks came out pretty quickly. Based on the amount of pictures I took, I think it is fair to say I loved my Strawberry Lemonade ($8.50). In fact I ended up ordering another one. I couldn't get enough of that strawberry puree! Plus, as an added bonus, there was a mustache on my glass. If I could get away with it (without public ridicule) I would surround my life with mustaches. Imagine a mustache decorated couch or wall! Tenney ordered a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand ($7). This was another winner at our table and she ordered a second as well.

We were in love with lights strung up over the patio. I need these for my backyard. We wished we could have seen them them lit up (I guess that is a reason for us to go back!).

We started off with an order of Maple Buffalo Chicken Tenders ($9.99). This was the favorite of everyone at the table. We loved the sweetness that the maple brought to the heat and spiciness of the buffalo sauce. The ranch dressing was amazing! They must make it there and I could eat bucket loads of that sauce! It came with 5 pieces of chicken so it worked out perfectly for our table. We would definitely order this again and more of it!
Tenney ordered the Gyro Sandwich ($9.99) which is tender gyro meat wrapped in a pita bread with tomatoes, red onions, kalamata olives, lettuce, feta & tzatziki sauce. Tenney liked the sandwich but felt it could have used more sauce because the sandwich was on the dry side. She requested extra tzatziki but unfortunately by the time it arrived the sandwich had cooled off and wasn't as delicious as it could have been.
The boys shared a Kid's Cheeseburger ($6.99) which included a drink (and now that I think about it, it was supposed to include a treat and we totally got cheated!). It came with tator tots that was totally up the boys alley. We were so glad that we had them share a meal instead of getting each their own. Between the meal and eating some of ours, there was plenty of food to go around.

Riley ordered the Blue Moon Fish & Chips ($15.99) which is fresh haddock prepared in a special beer batter with hand-cut fries & appleslaw. Riley said it was good but not his favorite. To be fair he is used to fish & chips from Rhode Island (and that is pretty hard to compete with). He felt the batter came off it too easily but he enjoyed the taste. The appleslaw looked delicious but no one ever ate it. Riley is not a slaw of any kind and I don't like when apples get put in anything other than a pie or a crisp. So even though the meal was good enough, Riley wants to try something different next time.

I ordered the All Day Burger ($13.99) which has bacon, cheddar & siracha maple aioli sauce topped with a runny fried egg. Unfortunately, I ran into the same problem as Tenney and my sandwich didn't have nearly enough sauce. I requested more of the aioli and by the time I got it, my food was on the cool side. And to add insult to injury they charged us for the sauces to make their dry sandwiches acceptable. Granted it was only $.50 per sauce but it is the principle of the whole thing. It is a shame because the sauce is delicious and I think the burger would have been awesome at a warm temperature.

The boys finished off the dinner with a little dance party to celebrate the last day of school. 

Overall, the food had so much potential and we will definitely be going back. I think the server may have been a little off that night and the tastes from the kitchen will bring us back. If you would like to try Jimmy the Greek's for yourself, they are located at 150 Philbrook, South Portland, Maine.