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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Jardin Del Claro Neighborhood ~ Pucon, Chile

When we went to Chile, one of the main purposes was to spend time with our Family in Pucon (mainly Gabrian's Grandparents). We were able to rent a house that was actually right next to theirs (another post on the house soon!). I loved being right next to them. I dream of buying that house some day so Gabrian can go back and forth between the two houses. He was in heaven being near both Grandparents (Grandma, Abuela, & Abuelo). My goal is to someday figure out a way to work from home and spend part of year living in Pucon near them.

My secret favorite part was that Reineria (Gabrian's Abuela) would feed us anytime we showed up. She is amazing in the kitchen and can whip up just about anything in minutes and there was always copious amounts of wine to be had.

We spent lots of time watching the news while we were relaxing. This is when Pucon was in high alert for a possible eruption of their Volcano. I have to admit that it was pretty exciting watching the smoke come out of it. We had a perfect view of the Volcano anytime we stepped outside.

I loved strolling around the neighborhood. The people were super friendly and would always stop to say Hello. There were several little grocery stores laced throughout the streets. There was also a paper store, internet cafes, and little bakeries. Our favorite thing was the playground that came complete with exercise equipment (why don't our playgrounds have this? I could get my workout in while Gabrian played).

It felt like such a magical week while we were there. Lots of great family time along with beautiful weather and delicious food. Look forward to more posts telling you every nitty gritty detail about the city of Pucon!