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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hosteria Portal Del Sur Review ~ Collipulli, Chile

 The best part of road trips is the food! I love trying out new places and eating yummy food. On our way from Curico to Pucon we were happy to see Hosteria Portal Del Sur in Collipulli with access right on the highway (their address is actually on Ruta 5). We parked our tiny clown car and headed in.

We found a table in this busy restaurant (always a good sign!). It was super cheery and cozy inside the restaurant.

The waiter brought over the menus and they were huge! We had so many choices to pick from. We also loved our waiter. He knew some English and seemed so excited to try it out on us.

We sat inside but they had the nicest looking outside seating area. I have no idea how they managed to keep the floors outside so clean.

They started off with my favorite Pebre with Bread. This was so delicious and fresh. Have I ever mentioned how Chile makes the best bread ever? Portal Del Sur was no exception and we inhaled what was in the basket.
My Mom ordered the Cazuela which is a typical Chilean soup. It usually has a potato, squash, corn, and then some type of meat (usually chicken or beef). Then whatever else they may have on hand. My Mom and Riley absolutely love cazuela and try to eat as much of it as possible when we are in Chile. She thought this one had a great broth and was full of flavor.

Gabrian ordered the Barros Luco which is a Chilean sandwich with beef. This one also had avocado on it (which I loved but Gabrian not so much). Gabrian loved the beef and ate all of it off the sandwich leaving me the bread and avocado to enjoy.
I went with the Bistec a lo Pobre. It is steak with onions, egg, and french fries. It was so delicious but there was so much of it and I barely made a dent in it. Looking back I should have Gabrian and I share this for lunch.

Our desserts were not as big of a hit. They were very soupy and not very flavorful. Oh well, everything can't be a winner.

Overall, we enjoyed our lunch here at Portal Del Sur and thought they were great for a road side restaurant. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at Ruta 5, km 572, Collipulli, Chile.