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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Elsmere BBQ and Wood Grill Review ~ South Portland, Maine

This past Friday my friend Missy and her daughter Brooke met up with us at Fort Williams park to do some exploring. Sometimes I start wishing I could live somewhere else (the grass always seems greener) but then I go to a place like Fort Williams and remember how lucky I am to live in Southern Maine and how beautiful it is here.
After dipping our feet in very icy cold water and working up an appetite, we were ready for dinner. There are tons of great restaurant options on the way to the Park but the wonderful smells coming from Elsmere BBQ and Wood Grill were too hard to pass by.
The staff was wonderful to us from the moment we walked in the door. The all seemed to really love working there and had great pride in the restaurant! They have a wonderful patio area, some regular tables, counter service at the kitchen, a bar, and some high tops. We ended up at the high tops and while they were nice, I think next time I would prefer to sit at one of the regular tables or the patio.

There were so many great options on the menu and their special board but we finally got it narrowed down and placed our orders. We spent some time looking around the restaurant (we are guessing that it was at one time a garage).

Our drinks came up first (like they usually do in a restaurant). Both Brooke and Gabrian went with Shirley Temple's. Unfortunately, Brooke didn't like hers (and poor Missy got stuck drinking it) and Gabrian dropped his 3 sips in and it the plastic cup cracked on the concrete floor (we switched to safer water after that).

The kitchen was on point that night and it took almost no time before our food was coming out.

Gabrian went with Kid's Quesadilla ($6). It was filled with cheesy goodness. I didn't actually get to try any but based on the rate of speed Gabrian scarfed it down, I am going to go out on a limb and say that it was awesome.

Brooke went with the Elsmere Double Double Cheeseburger ($11) that was on special. She said it was great and really enjoyed the macaroni and cheese side ($1 upcharge).
Missy chose the BBQ pulled pork sandwich ($12). She said it was great and it looked so delicious!

I ordered the wedge salad that was on special ($9). They had the correct ratio of blue cheese dressing to lettuce. It had the perfect amount of red onions and the bacon was super amazing! I would love to have this again in the near future.

I also ordered a side of BBQ Beans ($2) and a side of corn bread ($3). These were both beyond delicious but the corn bread was the winner (it had actual corn in it!). Darn I wish I was eating corn bread right now.
We finished off the night by sharing this Grand Marnier soaked orange cake ($7). This was moist, flavorful, and topped off with locally grown strawberries and whipped cream. We liked this cake so much that I attempted to recreate it for Missy's birthday this past Monday. 

Overall, we loved this restaurant (minus our high top table) and we have definite plans to go back. If you would like to try Elsmere BBQ out for yourself, they are located at 448 Cottage Road, South Portland, Maine.