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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

6-year Old Birthday Bash

I cannot believe that my little man turned 6 yesterday. I can still vividly remember the day I brought him home from the Hospital. It wasn't quite as scary as the first time round with Riley but still nerve-wracking! I shouldn't have worried because it has been fabulous!

We managed to celebrate Gabrian's birthday all weekend long! I tried to stuff as much fun stuff as possible.
It was First Friday in Portland this past Friday. We were able to have some fun with the Garbage to Garden display.

Gabrian had his 2nd dance recital on Saturday. He did awesome and we didn't have any mishaps like last year (let's never talk again about the rolling around the stage and the angry dance Mom's making passive aggressive comments on Facebook). He had a blast this year and is looking forward to a tap recital next year. Does everyone else notice how Rico Suave he looks in the first picture.

We went to a super awesome Kid's Carnival at a local church afterwards. We were able to get a free lunch and had some bounce house fun (have you ever seen such a cool bounce house structure?). Gabrian was able to pretend he could fly like Superman!

We went for a hike on Stroudwater Trail in Portland (I was so exhausted by Saturday night!). There were so many fun picture taking opportunities there.

On Sunday it was Gabrian's birthday party at the Planetarium. Sadly I didn't get a single picture during the party (I was too busy trying to keep it running). Gabrian had a blast with his friends. Included in the price of the party was a private showing in the dome and Gabrian picked a movie about dinosaurs that the kids thought was awesome. We finished up with cake and presents. It was a successful party.

On Monday, Gabrian had a bunk day with Grandma. He was able to celebrate his last day of being 5. They made cupcakes, went on a hike, had a car picnic at lunch, and finished the afternoon off with ice cream. It was the perfect way to end the 5th year for Gabrian.

Tuesday morning started off with presents and breakfast. He got another huge truck to add to his collection. 

The night ended with more presents and cake. It was a great day and I look forward to seeing what the 6th year bring us!