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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

42nd Annual Old Port Festival 2015 ~ Portland, Maine

Gabrian and I went to the 42nd Annual Old Port Festival this past Sunday. We were so fortunate with beautiful weather for our 3rd time to the festival. As usual we showed up unnecessarily early (think like 3 hours early) for the 10 minute parade just so we could get an awesome parking spot. 

We staked our claim to a nearly empty street and settled in for our Burger King picnic. After about 20 minutes we realized we were on the wrong side of the street and shuffled over to the other side. We had a great time people watching and seeing the different booths getting set up.

 After a short 2 1/2 hour wait, the parade was ready to start! We were so excited to hear them come down the street.The Shoestring Theater did awesome as usual!!

After the parade, we set off to discover the Festival.

Gabrian spent a ton of time under the Mad Science tent. They had about six different stations for the kids to play with. It was such an engaging exhibit for the kids and they were giving away lots of free swag.

We wandered over to the Yogibo tent and took a little sit. These things are awesome!! Its like a bean bag chair on steroids. I wish we had a family room to use them in. I am still considering them this Christmas for the boys. With Riley going to College in a year from now, he might like having one for the dorm room (and Gabrian won't tolerate not getting one too :-)).
We found the giant Happy Meal Box from McDonalds. They were also offering free samples. People had a choice of apple slices, yogurt, or apple juice boxes. Gabrian was thirsty and enjoyed and icy cold juice.

Next up was the Dunkin Donuts booth where they were giving away free donuts and coolata samples. I didn't have enough Weight Watcher points left to indulge in a donut but Gabrian assured me they were delicious.

We spent the rest of the afternoon checking out the different booths. They had something for everyone. There were craft booths with lots of unique art pieces. Stores had tents set out with some really awesome sales. Businesses had booths with samples and information on their products. And the main feature was all the music offered at the different stages.

It was a really great day and like clockwork, I was done with the crowds by 1 and ready to head home for a long awaited nap. The 42nd year was wonderful and we look forward to the 43rd Festival next year!