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Monday, May 25, 2015

Taco Escobarr Review ~ Portland, Maine

My friend Tenney and I had an unique situation occur for us Saturday afternoon. We were going to be Kid Free for 2 hours in Downtown Portland. Emmett and Gabrian were signed up for an acting class at The Maine's Children Museum. We knew that we wanted a cocktail and we wanted to find a place with outside seating. After a beautiful walk around the Downtown area we saw some seats available at Taco Escobarr.

We walked into this awesomeness! The entire ceiling is strung up with Chile Pepper Lights. We knew immediately that we needed to spend our afternoon here. We were able to score a couple of seats at the bar (I felt like such a grown-up sitting at that bar).

They had so many great drink options. I think that means that I will need to return multiple times to make my way through all that deliciousness. We finally made our decisions and placed our orders.

One of my favorite things at any bar is when they have house infused liquors. At Taco Escobarr they have a really impressive selection of infused tequilas. I knew that my drink was going to be awesome and I was so right. I went with the Mayan Ruins Martini ($9) which was the perfect option to start with on the kick off of summer. It has house habanero infused silver tequila, peach puree, and fresh lime juice. The cocktail was refreshing, sweet, spicy,  and dangerously delicious. I would definitely get this one again. Tenney had the Prickly Pear Margarita ($9). It has house made pineapple poblano infused silver tequila, prickly pear puree, tripple sec, fresh lime juice, and agave. We both agreed that it was another refreshing cocktail for a warm day.

What is this deliciousness you are asking? It is Mexican Style Street Corn ($5) that I am still drooling over as I type up this post. It is slathered in mayonnaise, cheese, and spices. Oh my goodness, I could eat this all day. You should probably run yourself over there and stock up on this masterpiece!

Tenney ordered the Ceviche ($10) served with tortilla chips and avocado. It was made with shrimp, bay scallops and octopus (we are not positive on the last one but it looked like octopus). It was such an awesome summer dish (filling but not too heavy). Tenney's only complaint was that she would have preferred that the ceviche was served in a larger bowl. She said it was difficult to scoop and it if it had been a larger bowl, it would have been slightly less messy for her.

At this point since we were sans children I went for it and decided to sample another option on the extensive adult drink menu. For my second (and final choice...I am not a lush people! I may or may not have had drinking plans for later in the day.) I chose the Strawberry Jalapeno Margarita ($9). It has house made strawberry jalapeƱo infused silver tequila, strawberry puree, triple sec, fresh lime juice, and agave. Sweet with a spicy kick. Now that I think about it I should have ordered some chips and salsa because this would have been the perfect compliment to those salty tortilla chips. Based on the two drinks I had here on Saturday, I look forward to returning to try out one of their many other options.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love the decor in this restaurant. I seriously would like to decorate my entire house like this restaurant. I didn't realize how much I wanted to live in Mexico until I discovered Taco Escobarr

Even the bathroom was pretty amazing. If I didn't have people lined up waiting to use the bathroom, I probably could have spent an hour or two checking out all of the movie posters (let's not even discuss the weirdness factor of me hanging out in their bathroom for an hour or two).

As an added bonus, we got to witness a protest go by us while we sat at the bar. We treated it like a surprise parade to entertain us. There were costumes and lots of yelling so it seemed similar enough!

I would like to give a shout out to our bartender. It was busy place and as far as we could tell it was just him and another server. He was busy tending the bar and taking care of tables. He always took the time to answer any questions and never got annoyed with my picture taking (which lets be honest, it can be obsessive).

Full disclosure, Tenney and I enjoyed our time so much at the restaurant, we went back today after enjoying the Memorial Day Parade on Congress Street. We enjoyed drinks (just soda this time) along with chips and soda with the boys and my niece Denisse. We can't recommend this place enough if you like margaritas and good food. If you would like to try out Taco Escobarr for yourself, they are located at 548 Congress Street, Portland, Maine.