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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday Ramblings ~ Uhaul Trucks, Dance Pictures, and Amusement Parks ~ Oh My!

This Saturday we got up way too early for a weekend morning. We had some heavy lifting to get in and we needed the time.

We had moved in my new (to me) furniture and we needed to bring my old living room set to the dump. It made me sad because I had lots of great years with my old set. 

Gabrian was in love with our Uhaul truck. He mourned the return of that truck all day long. I think getting to ride in it this weekend was the highlight of his year.

I was so sad to drive away from the set. It had lived a good life but we have had so many good memories with this set. Can you tell I don't do great with change?

My son has turned into a garbage picker. You are looking at his new game chair. I guess he is practicing his garbage picking skills for his College years.

We were intrigued by the smoldering pile of wood chips. Gabrian totally would have investigated what was happening if I had let him get out of the truck.

We dropped off the truck after our run to the dump. We were not impressed by this Uhaul office. They wouldn't let us keep the truck for the amount of time we had reserved it for. We were able to finish earlier but I did not appreciate having to rush to get everything done. We totally scored though because the gas gauge didn't move so we didn't have to put any in. It felt like we got free gas. After dropping the truck off, Gabrian and I rushed off to his dance studio for picture day.

Parents weren't allowed into the picture room but there were no tears so I assuming everything went fine. His teacher did find some contraband hot wheels though. We were invited to watch a run through of their dance recital routine in costume.

After wrapping up picture day, we headed out for our errands. We hit up BJ's and the Bakery Outlet. Do you guys have one of these stores near you? You can get bread at unbelievable prices.

We stopped at home to drop off our first load of groceries and gave a ride to the teenager at the house.

Once he was dropped off, we were on our way to the season opening of Funtown Splashtown. We were ready to get some use out of our season passes. 

Once we got our vouchers turned into season pass cards we were ready to head in and get on some rides.

It wasn't long before we had worked up an appetite and we were ready to find some lunch. One of the best things about the park is that they allow you to bring food in which can make it a very affordable afternoon for us. Since we were so busy today we didn't have time to make anything so we hit up one of their expensive food stands.

After fueling up a on some meh food, we were ready to hit up more rides (we need to get our moneys worth).

Ugh...Worst Selfie Ever

After making myself sick on the tilt-a-whirl, we headed out of the park to continue on with our errands of the day. We didn't make it very far down the road before I was sidetracked by an open house for RV lot.

Seacoast RV had a pretty sweet Open House. Though we never found the free food they promised. We did enter a contest to try and win $10k. I could really use that so fingers crossed. 

Gabrian and I enjoyed checking out all the trailers. I became mesmerized by the homes they had for sale on the lot. I seriously want to buy one of their Park Models. They look like the most adorable little homes and the insides were amazing. They had these huge open concept kitchens and living rooms. Most of them had a second floor with a loft area. My favorite was one called a "Jack and Jill" that had two miniature bedrooms towards the front of the model. The best thing was that most of these came in around $50k. Will someone please buy me one of these?

I got a real workout checking out all the models they had to offer. I can totally see myself living in one of these. Once I finally dragged myself away to finish up our shopping at Market Basket, I was already feeling exhausted. We did stop at Tran's Market on our way there and found an interesting looking snack (it did not make it's way into my shopping cart).

We finally finished our long day and headed home.

We finished up our day with this deliciousness.

Hope you guys had a fabulous Saturday!