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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Regina Pizzeria Review ~ Allston, MA

A little over a week ago Gabrian and I had to head to Boston. He had a commercial audition in the late afternoon. We had an enjoyable ride to Boston and he had a fun time at the audition. Afterwards we were starving and we needed to kill time so we could miss the evening commute traffic.

Regina Pizzeria won by default because they were close by and they had a parking lot that had a spot left! In Boston that was a huge perk! Fortunately we had a great experience so the parking spot was just an awesome bonus.

We were placed in the train room (we named it that...though we will sell the rights to it to any interest was probably actually called back room for people with kids far far away from the civilized patrons). The train room was perfect for us because we got a kick watching the commuter train whiz by us during our meal.

We placed our drink orders and Gabrian received the largest Chocolate Milk I have ever seen in my life. We were only charged $1.99 for this monstrosity!!

Shocker...Gabrian only made it about 4 sips in and called it quits. I felt bad out wasting it so we brought most of it home with us.

Gabrian had a great time looking at all the decorations they had in this room (the other dining room looked even fancier with lots of red lights (how do you like that for descriptive words!)). He got a kick out looking in the windows pictured above because he could see the entrance to the bathroom (kids and their bathrooms!).

We started off with an order of cheesy garlic bread served with marinara sauce ($5.29). It was everything we could hope for in a garlic bread. There was lots of cheese and garlic. A beautiful combination.

We shared the Prosciutto con Spinaci which is a classic combination of Regina sauce and Ricotta cheese,fresh spinach, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese. Accented with Romano cheese and fresh basil (10" for $12.75). This pizza was pure perfection. I am seriously going to start putting ricotta cheese on everything I eat. It just makes everything better in my world. The crust on this was light and airy with a satisfying crunch without being dried out. I feel like these pictures are teasing me right now...a trip to Boston needs to be in the cards so I can have some more of this pizza.

We finished off our meal with this cannoli ($4.95). I am no expert when it comes to cannoli but I feel like they nailed it. We loved the crispy shell with the delicious chocolate sauce. The filling was creamy and so delicious. 

On our way out we fell in love with the building across the street. Each window had it's own scene pained in it. I want to live there if those people were real.

Overall, we loved our meal and I would probably order the same exact thing the next time we go back (though there were several other things on the menu that were super tempting). If you would like to try them for yourself, they are located at 365 Cambridge Street, Allston, MA.