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Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Favorite Roadside Stands of Ruta 5 ~ Chile

Ok, that title is slightly misleading. That is because they were all my favorite and the ones pictured were just the ones I remembered to take pictures. You are all warned, if you ever go on a road trip with me, it will not be fast going. I like to stop at just about every roadside stand we pass and most likely buy something from them (you can't let a vendor get all excited about a potential sale and then leave them hanging).

Ruta 5 is amazing for someone like me. Have you ever done a nice leisurely drive on back roads and the occasional farm or business hopeful entrepreneur has something for sale on the side of the road? Ruta 5 is just like that except it is a highway and people are going super fast. The stands are right there on the side beckoning you to pull over and only slightly piss off the driver behind you (that was probably following behind you too closely anyway).

 The goods being offered differed based on the region we were passing through. There was the basket weaving section (a separate post for that one),  the stone work section (think head stones), the watermelon section, the wine region, the cheese section (though this was in several areas and the cheese offered varied greatly....we know this because we bought cheese at pretty much every stand that offered it).

Most of the stands also sold boiled eggs and homemade bread or tortillas. One of my biggest regrets of our trip was not buying more of the tortillas and boiled eggs and turning into a lunch along with all of our delicious cheese. I can picture it now, we could have bought our provisions and found one of my beloved gas stations. We would have bought icy cold drinks and set ourselves up at one of those awesome outside tables. I know I am digressing but it would have been so awesome (and cheap, lets not forget about the cheapness). 

So if you ever find yourself in Chile and in a rental car, make sure you stop at as many of those roadside stands as you can get in!