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Monday, May 11, 2015

Hostal Centro Review ~ Curico, Chile

I have a confession to make. I am semi new to this travel blogging thing and I may or may not have taken many pictures of this Hostal (ok...I took 4 pictures and one is questionable if it was actually of the hotel area). What a bummer because it was a cute place and I would love to be able to show it to you (you should probably stay there and check it out for yourself!). I am hanging my head in shame and promise I will get better at this thing.

We stayed at Hostal Centro in Curico for the Wine Festival. We booked our room through Booking.Com and we were so glad to have the reservation after seeing how busy the festival was. We had a stressful drive finding the Hostal (totally not the fault of the Hostal but I was without my GPS and I struggled getting through the city). Once we found the Hostal and parked behind their gates we breathed a deep sigh of relief.

The hostess that greeted along with the overnight hostess were great. The woman that ran it overnight spoke no English and was so patient with me while I struggled with my Spanish. She had a smile on her face the entire time we were there.

We were in a great location for the Festival. We were only a couple of blocks from the Plaza de Armas and it was a nice easy stroll to get there. We were also located only a couple of blocks away from the mall (we didn't make it there but it was nice to know it was there in case I had a shopping emergency).

The common spaces were so welcoming and inviting. I could definitely see myself hanging out in this comfortable living room. They also had an awesome front porch with comfortable seats to enjoy (a picture would have been nice right here to show you the porch...believe you me, I am kicking myself right now).

Our room contained 2 twin beds and we had a private bathroom. They weren't able to fit another bed in the room which we had reserved but it was no big deal. Fortunately Gabrian is still small and we can squish into the bed. The room was very clean and spacious. The bathroom had one of the best showers we had while in Chile (not for looks but the size of the shower stall was great). 

Our room included our breakfast the next day. Nothing fancy but toast and jam was a nice way to start our day before heading out. They ask you the night before what time you would like to have breakfast (the earliest you can request is 8 am). It was nice to have breakfast waiting for us in the morning since we wanted to get on the road early.

Overall we were very pleased with our stay. The next time we are in Curico we will definitely book with them again. If you would like to try Hostal Centro for yourself, they are located at Rodriguez 335, Casa 1, Curico.

Since shame is my name with this review. I am adding a bonus series of pictures of a weird candy I bought at a gas station that wasn't very good (think waxy chocolate with fake banana taste). If I had known I was going to slack in the picture department for the Hostal, I totally would have taken pictures of delicious candy (lesson learned guys, lesson learned. I am going to be the best travel blogger you ever met (eventually)...just think, you will be able to say you would read my posts when I would do reviews of Hostal's and not take any pictures. We will just laugh and laugh about those silly days...oops, that just became way too long of a tangent). Enjoy the pictures of Bananina Split.